Enjoy the revealing story of the approaching New Jerusalem by Felicia Gambrah.

Bronx NY, December 14, 2017- We are constantly reminded that the world will come to an end soon, unfortunately, there are people that have heard this for so long, they no longer believe. A reminder, therefore, is needed for people not to lose their faith and continue to hold out for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Felicia S. Gambrah has written a book to cause us to remember that there is a real life after death for both going to heaven for living for Jesus Christ and the rest finding themselves in hell for rejecting Christ.

“Are you ready for the New Jerusalem” was written to enlighten people who believe in God to draw closer to Him, by living in righteous life that can reflect others to seek God, and to those who do not believe to start seeking Him, because the world is getting dangerous to live in now, but there is a protector and a deliverer who cares for what is going on, God’s son Jesus Christ for this purpose He was sent to the world. Her goal is to let people seek Him before they die. Because physical death is not the end of life.

This book is a reminder to both believers and unbelievers. Believe it or not.

This world will soon come to an end. Is this generation ready to face Jesus Christ? And what is ahead of all mankind? I know many people don’t want to be bothered with this truth. There is a real life after death for both going to heaven for living for Jesus Christ and the rest finding themselves in hell for rejecting Christ, but there is still hope for you if you are alive and reading this book, for God still loves this world. He has extended his grace period for those who are still in the valley of the decision to make up their mind today, for tomorrow may be too late. Heaven is a place to begin a new life after death, so get ready.

The author went ahead to encourage readers with her quote “Trust in God at all times”.

This book is filled with a lot of images as well as spiritual illustrations are written in well-structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace through from page to page.



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About the author

Rev. Felicia S. Gambrah is a loving likable woman of God who sensed the call of God on her life at a very young age, loves to read the Bible with great excitement. She is the president and CEO of The New Glory Prayer Fellowship international. An associate pastor at New Covenant Christian Ministries under the leadership of Archbishop Joseph Alexander. A former president of Aglow International Bronx New York Lighthouse and member of the Full Gospel Businessmen fellowship NYC chapter. She attended Bronx Deliverance Theological Seminary, a motivational speaker. An End time for all Nations intercessor.


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