Salt Cave Inc. builds the FIRST Himalayan Salt Cave in Indiana

St. John, Indiana gets its first Himalayan salt cave built by leading salt cave builder Dr. Margaret Smiechowski and her company Salt Cave Inc. The cave sports an advanced climate control system, a night sky with  a full moon  and other artistic elements and a salt fireplace.

Rutland, VT – December 15, 2017 – St. John Indiana gets its first Himalayan Salt Cave to take residents and visitors one step closer to good health. The builder behind the revolutionary therapeutic construction is America’s foremost expert on Himalayan salt Dr. Margaret Smiechowski and her company Salt Cave Inc. The cave stands out with its unique engineering & design featuring cutting edge climate control system which includes a perfect night sky dotted with full moon and even a salt fireplace.

“We are excited to provide the state with its first ever Himalayan salt cave. Natural salt caves are famous for their amazing healing properties. Europe has acknowledged the healing wonders of salt caves but recently the general public in the United States has become  aware of the salt cave’s unusual benefits. Salt Cave Inc. builds state of the art caves which offer an exclusive blend of therapeutic benefits and awe-inspiring aesthetic visual.

A Pole by birth, Dr. Smiechowski moved to the US in the 1990s and since then she has dedicated herself in enlightening Americans about the awesome benefits of unprocessed salt through her salt caves. Her company, Salt Cave Inc., is at the forefront of salt cave development in the US today. 

The company builds both relaxation and therapeutic Himalayan salt caves that can be used for personal and commercial use. Salt Cave Inc. has built more than 80 caves in many regions across the country, including Minneapolis, Denver, Manhattan, Chicago Long Island and other metropolitan and suburban areas. 

Salt Cave Inc. has extensive experience, know-how and expertise in building “professional” salt caves. The company strictly uses an eco-friendly mode of construction to keep the users safe. 

“If the salt cave looks like it is ‘home made’ then probably its missing a crucial equipment, and should be avoided.” Self made salt cave owners/builders don’t have the needed know-how and experience of building these caves which make them ineffective and in some cases very dangerous for asthma patients. Only high end professional salt cave companies can produce safe salt caves. 

For more information, please visit – or call 802-770-3138 

Media Contact
Company Name: Salt Cave Inc.
Contact Person: Dr. Margaret Smiechowski
Phone: 802-770-3138
City: Rutland
State: VT
Country: United States