More HR departments benefit from Alphabet Secretarial’s corporate and legal transcription services

Any HR department, especially in the UK, has a lot of responsibilities on its hands – from handling employee paperwork and governmental requirements to being in charge of disciplinary and grievance hearings. Thanks to Alphabet Secretarial’s legal and corporate transcription services, however, HR departments’ responsibilities are much lighter.

UNITED KINGDOM – 16 Dec, 2017 – In any corporate or workplace setting, conflicts are bound to arise – sometimes sooner rather than later. When conflicts or altercations occur, it is often the job of the HR department to take care of them and to make sure that a speedy resolution is found. The same is true for disciplinary hearings – HR teams are often the ones which take charge of such proceedings, because they can provide an objective service and will make sure that all sides are taken into account.

But more often than not, HR departments are pushed for time – and not only this, they are also tasked with a lot of paperwork when it comes to disciplinary hearings, grievance hearings, and more, not to mention being responsible for conducting an investigation as well. Interviews and hearings take a lot of time and effort, and everything has to be recorded and transcribed in the proper way.

Fortunately, this is where the expertise of a transcription service like Alphabet Secretarial comes in. With Alphabet Secretarial’s own team of transcription experts, any HR department, big or small, can benefit from the quick, accurate, and professional transcription of interviews and hearings. As Alphabet Secretarial explains, “Our corporate transcription clients range from outstanding pharmaceutical research organisations to retail giants. Amongst our daily workload we transcribe disciplinary hearings and HR investigations, which play an important part in the transcription process. We regularly deal with Q & A sessions. Our corporate transcription clients rely on us to provide an accurate and completely confidential service. They expect to receive transcription of their analyses, data, cases and findings, as recorded.”

The team at Alphabet Secretarial is made up of only UK transcribers – transcribers who are fully versant with the English language and who speak it as their mother tongue. This makes for more accurate (and culturally-correct) transcriptions. Aside from this, Alphabet Secretarial promises to provide court-ready transcriptions for legal purposes. Alphabet Secretarial adds, “Our legal transcribers have been working with law professionals since 1995 and can provide all documents in court-ready templates to save you time, when preparing for employee tribunals. Attention to detail is what differentiates Alphabet from the rest. You will be pleased you made the right choice.” 

About the company:

Alphabet Secretarial is an established transcription services provider based in and operating in the UK.

To learn more about medical, legal, corporate, and academic transcription services, visit the Alphabet Secretarial website.

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