Comprehensive Buying Guide for Engagement Rings Online Newly Released by Logic Inbound

Logic Inbound is thrilled to announce a new collection of resources available for consumers seeking the best in fine jewelry and engagement rings. After analyzing a variety of buyer-centric themes such as quality, value and style, the most beneficial assets to your shopping experience are outlined in this comprehensive buying guide for engagement rings online:

Choose Your Band: Material and Size

For many shoppers, deciding on the foundation of the engagement ring can be the most time consuming step. There are many options for metal; vintage designs tend to boast a rose gold or gold band to compliment the fashion of the era. Modern diamond settings typically sit in a platinum or white gold band for clarity and versatile style.

Keeping any engagement ring clean and bright over time is as simple as choosing the material that meets the wearer’s lifestyle. Rings that are exposed to lots of activity or may be at risk of scratching will work best with a platinum or gold band. These metals only need shining and polishing to remove cosmetic flaws. Silver is soft and needs to be stored properly to avoid tarnishing the band.

Hayden Cudworth’s guide to band style is perfect for those seeking a simple decision. Their graphics illustrate the benefits associated with each material.

Find Their Sparkle: The Gemstone

Many consumers find that the stone in the band is the most important factor in choosing an engagement ring. Traditionally, a diamond setting is recommended for a timeless piece. The 4 C’s in diamond shopping are color, clarity, carat and cut. Once you decide on these elements, the rest of the process is quick and simple.

Color refers to the amount of visible warm tones in the diamond itself. Colorless is the highest in price point, whereas noticeable color indicates a less expensive stone. Clarity grades the level of noticeable inclusions or blemishes. All natural stones contain them, but the value of the diamond decreases with more flaws. Carat, by far one of the most common shopping choices, refers to the weight of the stone. The heavier the stone, the higher the price point becomes. Cut is the final category, regarding how the stone is shaped. Design choices made by the vendor will determine the amount of light, sparkle and dimension are shown in the ring. With a lower clarity diamond, finding a stylized cut to create more light will save on cost while maximizing aesthetics.

Learn more about diamond shapes and settings with this intuitive guide, displaying the most popular buyer choices and preferences.

Set the Framework: The Diamond Setting

After finalizing the metal and gemstone for the engagement ring, complete the look with the perfect setting. This adds to the style and dimension of the center stone, as well as providing another format for personal expression.

Solitaire is the classic setting, with a single gemstone in the center of the band. This is ideal for minimalist styles and more detailed wedding band attachments. Halo rings are a single gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds, creating the illusion of sparkling lights. Three stone settings have one larger stone with two smaller stones on either side, making a larger design statement. Pave is a sparkling band, with tiny diamonds scattered across the band to give the look of a solid diamond material. No matter which setting you choose, it’s guaranteed to delight the wearer with quality and style.

Explore all of the setting options available with this engagement ring buying guide, complete with images and thoughtful descriptions.

Logic Inbound is the creator of this engagement ring buying guide, following examination of market research and available consumer reports. Hayden Cudworth is a leader in the engagement ring industry, providing a modern take on the tradition of shopping for that special person in your life. Choose between hundreds of customizable band, setting and diamond options to ensure that your purchase is true to your bond as a couple; timeless, lasting and full of style.

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