“Hangzhou love, with love”, “Hangzhou excellent marriage tourism provider” Romance straight from the oven

On November 26th 2017, the closing of the sixth annual Hangzhou “Hangzhou love, with love” International Tourism Festival – “Sands of love” love and marriage themed activities, was held in Hangzhou’s Bao Shoushan scenic valley Long Beach, marking the close of the marriage tourism festival.

On the day the events were divided into several areas including: games, gourmet foods, sporting and music, intended to create a perfect romantic atmosphere and experience for young tourist couples. According to reports the total festival period is as long as two months and over three phases. Commencing on the October 23rd reaching out to Wedding related organizations to participate in the festival. Among the businesses that registered were celebrity restaurants, high end resorts, hotels and hostels and many more.

From November 4th to 10th FM93 and FM1045 through their public WeChat platform, advertised though various apps and online, asked the public to cast their votes on which organizations were the best for Weddings related activities. The WeChat platform received over one hundred thousand visits and thirty thousand votes.

Finally a team of professional judges gave their score depending on ease of transportation, amenities, theme, activities and presentation. 10 finalists were chosen to attend the “Sands of Love” event and receive recognition for their quality efforts and earning a special title “Hangzhou excellent marriage tourism provider” .

The finalists winning the honor of being called “Hangzhou excellent marriage tourism provider” include: Treasure Valley Park (宝寿山空谷长滩公园), Long Beach Shoushan Kangqing Yujia lights leisure farm (康庆渔家灯火休闲农庄), Jiande aviation town train theme hotel (建德航空小镇火车主题酒店), Xianghu National Tourism Resort (湘湖国家旅游度假区), Yuhang Jingshan Trinidad flower Jingshan flowers (余杭大径山千里花•径山花海), Hangzhou Wansong college (杭州万松书院) and Tonglu Mijing mountain village (桐庐秘境山乡生活民宿), Thousand Island Lake Guest hostel love the by the way (千岛湖美客爱途民宿), Jiangnan Jiande Cave Scenic Area (建德江南大冰洞景区) and Hangzhou Star Ferry cafe (杭州摆渡星空咖啡馆).

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