BMB Introduces Authentic, Gift Wrapped Baklava Product for Holiday Season

The BMB Group, one of the biggest Mediterranean manufacturers of Baklava confectionaries, has introduced a new Baklava product with authentic taste and a unique gift packaging. The new product, available at Kroger’s, Sam’s Club and many other retail outlets during the holiday season, carries the hallmark features of BMB confectionaries, made by hand and with the highest standards and ethics of manufacturing and trade.

Baklava is popular as a sweet dessert pastry with layers of filo containing chopped nuts and syrup or honey. The BMB group (which stands for Baklava made better) specializes in sharing the joy of this unique recipe across the world with authentic ingredients, creative recipes and attractive packaging.

“We are passionate about providing exceptional baklava with a bold highlight on innovation,” said a spokesperson from BMB.

The new Baklava product is the latest addition to BMB’s unparalleled range of products with ingredients sourced from the best companies around the world. The Group firmly believes in Tolkien’s famous thought that the world would be merrier if more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold.

“The new Baklava product further reaffirms our values and ethics, which make us work only with quality ingredients that support good ‘livelihoods’ and to stay at the forefront of providing an exceptional service in a world where relationships mean everything,” said the spokesperson.

BMB operates in two verticals, trading and confectionary, with headquarters at Dubai. It has a large distribution network, which shares and spreads the joy of Baklava recipes across the world. The company has its own confectionary products packaging infrastructure with a printing press that creates bespoke packaging designs. This combination of ingredients, skills and advanced facilities for labeling and carrying brand features has allowed BMB to remain flexible in matching global tastes and offer a greater variety of products.

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