“Unchain Me Mama,” Newly Released Anthology by Audra R. Upchurch Gets #1 Amazon Ranking

Virginia Beach, VA – The newly released anthology by visionary author Audra R. Upchurch entitled “Unchain Me Mama: Lessons Learned on my Journey to Healing & Restoration” achieved remarkable success on the day of its official release, hitting the number one spot in four different categories. The book was inspired by Audra’s difficult relationship with her own mother, and features the stories of eight women who talk about the struggles they faced with their mothers and how they managed to move on with their lives.

Reaction to this inspirational anthology has been overwhelmingly positive, as the consistently 5-star Amazon reviews show:

“It’s an emotionally cleansing, truth telling and enlightening anthology that entertains, encourages and most importantly educates.”

“Pain, Breakthroughs and Redemption…The honesty, transparency and “right in your face” dialogue in each chapter allows you to identify your own maternal issues while providing insights on how you too can heal.”

“The good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing but the truth!!!! Each chapter gives you a glimpse into the lives of each author. This book changed my life!!!.”

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/tRQrfbP0MN4

Audra’s own upbringing with her mentally ill mother was so tumultuous that she ended up being homeless at the tender age of fifteen. By the time she was seventeen she was a single mother, and in her own words, “quickly heading down a dark path.” Audra succeeded in getting herself back on track, went to college and earned her MBA, all the while finding the strength and courage to forgive.

“Over time, I’ve realized how powerful my story is in helping others who are going through the same challenges,” explains Audra. “I’ve learned my voice can give other women the strength they need to face their demons and build a healthy and fulfilling life. I’m so grateful to my courageous co-authors for helping me achieve my dream.”

About the Author:

Bestselling author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Audra R. Upchurch is also, in partnership with her husband Tony, CFO and CEO of UPFAM Enterprises LLC, which is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. Audra is passionate about supporting programs that help women and families struggling with mental health issues and homelessness. Amazingly, this gifted philanthropist also manages to find time for her husband, six children and four grandchildren.

Find out more about “Unchain Me Mama” here: www.unchainmemama.com

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