Is DEW’s appearance on Nasdaq the sign of 2.0 Era in asset-transaction services?

On Dec 18rd, 2017, in front of numerous eyes, ‘DEW’ appeared on the Nasdaq billboard, the largest and most famous advertising billboard throughout the world. This is the first time that DEW being introduced to the public, which shows the world of this new decentralized exchange, rehearses for the coming official launch and marks its aspiration to be a worldwide fad.

Times Square is one of the major landmarks of New York City, and has always been the center where top brands present their newest concepts and products. As one of the most visited tourist attractions on the world, Times Square is often being named as ‘The Crossroads of the World’. Amongst thousands of billboards on Times Square, the Nasdaq billboard is undoubtedly the largest and the most influential one, which has attracted tons of international giants advertise them on it toward the world. Through its recent debut on the Nasdaq billboard, DEW certainly demonstrate the world its international strategic layout.


DEW is a decentralized exchange that uses blockchain technology as the bottom technology and is owned by the Britain DEW Foundation. It is the first decentralized exchange on the world to bring up trading services of futures in stocks, bulk commodity, foreign exchanges, and precious medal, etc. allowing for the progress of asset digitalizing. 

According to the renowned bitcoin investor Xiaolai Li, blockchain technology is one of the greatest technical innovations in the 21st century and it will change people’s lives just as Internet did, reshaping the structure of various industries and making the world more transparent and impartial.

Being created in 2008, Bitcoin, the first practical application of blockchain technology, is now worth more than $19,000/unit and its fair market value has been increased to $320 billion, more than those of Walmart and BOA ( Bank of America ). The blockchain technology has ‘updated’ plenty of industries, and there have been a large number of cryptocurrencies appeared as well. However, most existing exchanges are centralized in nature, which might potentially cause severe issues resulting from vulnerability, hackings, and unethical behaviors. If such situations happen, investors’ assets will be lost and could never get traced back.

Therefore, to fully eliminate the hidden security risks and provide users a highly safe and transparent exchange, DEW brings talents from all over the world together, and finally launches a decentralized digital asset exchange—DEW, which is totally transparent and testable.



According to the recent data, the average daily trading volume for bitcoin is approaching $5 billion, which is 77.5 times less than $387.5 billion, the average daily trading volume for global stocks in 2016; 1020 times less than $5,100 billion, the average daily trading volume for foreign exchange in 2016. Comparing to these traditional financial products, cryptocurrencies still have tons of potentials. Or in other words, financial products, such as stocks, foreign exchanges, and derivatives, etc. still have large amounts of transaction demand.

Investors will have to meet various standards and undergo strict examinations in order to invest in foreign exchanges, stocks, bulk commodities, and precious medal. Moreover, when they exchange those options into legal tenders, investors will have to not only bear the high time cost, but also undertake the potential loss in exchange rates and pertinent risks.

DEW is the first to combine traditional financial products with cryptocurrencies, trying to build up an exchange in which investors can trade stocks, foreign exchanges, and other futures more conveniently and more cost-efficiently with digital assets. This will accelerate the process of ‘asset digitalizing’ and eventually develop the asset transaction into 2.0 Era.

DEW App launched its Beta version on Nov.1st, 2017 and will be officially released on Dec. 20th, 2017.

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