DryShield to Assist Homeowners with Foundation Crack Issues

DryShield has decided to provide Ontario homeowners and property owners with quick assistance regarding foundation crack issues.

Ontario, Canada – December 18, 2017 – Witnessing cracks in the foundation of house is one of the major disappointments for homeowners. It is true that the foundation supports the whole structure. Formation of cracks on foundation indicates the beginning of water and moisture seepage problems as well as support and stability damage.

Cracks not only cause excessive damage to the base, but also allow radon gas, acidic water and moisture to enter the house and cause damage to the wood furniture, floors, tables, items kept on the table and make clothes smell musty. Also, exterior water and moisture seeping through crevices creates ideal conditions for the growth of fungi, mould, mildew, mosquitoes, insects and microorganisms.

Radon gas and moisture seeping through crevices spread to the different parts of house. Seeing damp patches on living room walls and breathing in musty smell forces tenants to leave the rented house and shift into a new rental property. After a while, it becomes difficult for even homeowners to continue living in the damp properties.

As a result, cracks in foundation wall and floor bring a multitude of structural and health related problems. The only way for homeowners to get out of the vicious circle is to hire a professional foundation crack repair company, such as DryShield.

Hiring the specialized foundation crack injection repair services of DryShield ensure property owners that the footing cracks in their properties are permanently repaired and sealed as well as the problems resulting from the crevices are also prevented from happening.

The technicians of DryShield use the premium quality products, materials and tools for crack sealing. They specialize in removing mould and damp patches from ceiling and walls, installing drain tile and sump pump, draining standing water out of basement and repairing foundation wall & floor cracks with epoxy and polyurethane injection techniques. Their technicians are able to help property owners recover their properties from water leakage and moisture intrusion problems. Recently, the company has decided to provide homeowners and property owners with quick and round the clock assistance regarding the problem.

About the company

DryShield is an Ontario based waterproofing company that takes on home repair, damp proofing and gap sealing projects in the province and the Greater Toronto Area. The company is known for its exceptional waterproofing and gap sealing services and solutions.

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