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December 19th, 2017 – OU Style is seeking to revolutionize the fashion industry with their one of a kind web application Style Up. Style Up is an app that allows you to submit your body size and shape which will then create a unique lifelike 3D model of yourself, calculates your body type, recommends the most flattering and suitable clothing for your body type and gives online Style Advice.

To kick off Style Up, your help is needed to crowd fund at

The app will not only eliminate the need of a stylist, but it can also be a fun dress up game for the fashionistas and trendsetters. The app is equipped with the latest styles on the fashion scene and will be sure to keep you in the loop. The app provides a virtual 3D changing room and offer clothing suggestions for your body type. 

Once you sign up for Style Up you are given unlimited access to all their features. You may create as many 3D models as you like so whether you gain weight or lose weight Style Up changes with you. The app takes your bust size, shoulder size, waist, hips and all your body measurements to ensure the most accurate reading and virtual body model for you. 

The app will give added inspiration to your closet and help you to choose the best options to purchase when shopping. It helps to maximize your inner and outer beauty by giving you a sense of fulfillment when you begin choosing outfits for yourself and you have a chance to see how they would look on your actual body type.

To lend your support pledges start at $17 and may go all the way up to $533. The rewards vary per contribution but included are Member’s VIP Account, access to all features listed on members account, up to 10 clothing recommendations, personal style book, description of body type etc.

Join the revolution today; visit to pledge and for all information on OU Style’s, “Style Up”.

Media Contact
Company Name: OÜ StyleUp
Contact Person: Maria-Helena Loik
Phone: + 372 56 255 205
Address:Sihi 87-4, Tallinn 11616
Country: Estonia