California startup Buckle Pro launches world’s first and only belt-less buckle

California-based startup has come up with world’s first and only belt-less buckle named Buckle Pro which assures permanent relief from the typical issues of traditional cumbersome belts.

LA, California – December 19, 2017 – No more agonies of old-fashioned clunky cumbersome belts! California-based startup has recently launched a NEW revolutionary belt-less buckle that will put all the problems of traditional belts to rest. Titled as “Buckle Pro”, it’s the world’s first and only belt-less buckle and also the first patented fashion accessory ever. 

The product has been launched for the US and international markets including the UK, Canada and Australia.

“While belts are a must wear-on with our jeans and shorts, the clunky cumbersome design of old-fashion belts are no less than a sore. But you can finally bid adieu to all the hassles of traditional belts with our new breakthrough Buckle Pro. It’s the world’s first and only belt-less buckle with an unmistakable design to relieve you from the typical problems of wearing an old-fashioned belt – whilst retaining all the best aspects of a great belt. Put simply, with Buckle Pro you will enjoy all the benefits of an awesome belt yet without the usual stress of motion restriction. No longer will you have to worry about belt holes or overhang or stretched belts”, stated Patrick Dressel , the man behind Buckle Pro. 

The patented belt-less buckle is an exclusive blend of both elegant fashion and amazing functionality. It’s made with industry-grade scratch-resistant metals and sports durable silicone adjustment assembly. Buckle Pro is flexible, light, ergonomic and highly resistant to pressure, heat, knocks & scratches.

The unique features of the next-generation buckle are –

  • Quick release and easy adjusting straps to enable the user to change the belt buckle super fast
  • Easy on and easy off design
  • Worldwide patented technology assures easy adjustments for any waist size
  • Military-grade materials tested in the USA
  • Can be worn on front or rear or at the side of shorts, pants and jeans
  • No restriction at airport security check
  • Unisex design makes it a cool wear for just anybody
  • Over 1700 color combinations to choose from
  • Interchangeable buckles to match with user’s unique lifestyle
  • Unique ability to match up with both street wear and high fashion apparels 

Buckle Pro can be worn for both regular wear or for any high intense physical activities such as skating, snowboarding, surfing.  

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“Buckle Pro introduces the best alternative to traditional belts. You will just have to align the buckle to your jeans and its Smooth Clip Action will smoothly fit it to your apparel in a jiffy. Moreover, we have powered the product with Precision Fit technique to ensure our buckle always stays comfortably tight on your waist.”

Buckle Pro is available in two versions at present. One is Urban Street that covers cool, bold and rebellious collection to match trendy street wears. The other one is Platinum Collection which has come up with a sophisticated and chic series. 

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