The Animal Social Network Creates a Community of Pet Lovers

Almost half of the people in the United States own a pet, with almost 80 million being dog owners and 96 million cat owners.  Among dogs alone, almost 6 million are lost each year.  The enormous anxiety and frustration that can occur when a pet is lost spurred Justin Richardson to create the Animal Social Network.  The Animal Social Network is like many other online communities but is focused on caring for those animals we love like family members. When a pet is lost, the Animal Social Network is the go-to destination in recruiting help from local pet owners to search for them.

Justin has spent years designing the Animal Social Network. He has thoroughly researched the most important services that pet owners desire like GPS tracking, pet health insurance and web-based sharing applications.  He has invested enormous time and energy into collecting these important services and making them available through the Animal Social Network.  Despite immense challenges like non-standardized technology, privacy issues and many administrative hurdles, Justin has created an easy-to-use, one stop shop for pet lovers of all kinds.

While the Animal Social Network website has become a huge commercial success, Justin is eager to enter the next phase of his business operation—a mobile app.  In order to develop a truly spectacular app, the Animal Social Network will require $17,000.  To raise these funds, Justin has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  If you are an animal lover, please consider making a financial contribution to this important project.  In return for your support, you may be eligible for valuable rewards like lifetime license to use the new Animal Social Network cellphone app.  To learn more about the Animal Social Network or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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Company Name: The Animal Social Network
Contact Person: Justin Richardson
Country: United States