Sylvia\’s Healthy Launches Mori of Norway Pimple Night Treatment Powder at Amazon

Pimples are the most prominent skin issues faced by individuals with oily and acne-prone skin. Sylvia’s Healthy launches an organic brush-on mineral powder for acne treatment at Amazon.

Beaverton, Oregon – December 19, 2017 – For those with oily skin and also for individuals with acne-prone skin, they are always on the lookout for a natural remedy that will provide them complete relief safely. Sylvia’s Healthy has the right understanding in this respect. So, the company launched a product called Mori of Norway Pimple Night Treatment in November at Amazon.

This product is an organic mineral powder suitable for a natural acne treatment for acne-prone and oily skin types. Without any harsh chemicals, this natural remedy with its all-natural ingredients is effective in bringing down inflammation and redness. It is not intended for severe acne or as a cystic acne treatment.

Most other anti-acne solutions available in the market dry out the skin and lead to burning sensation and redness. But, this product will calm the skin and will bring down the swelling and redness. Also, it will even heal the skin to bring down the blemishes that are already present. Further, with its safe ingredients, it will prevent future breakouts as well. This nightly skin care product has safe, natural ingredients. They will deliver the key to balance the natural moisture level of the skin and will ultimately tame the excess oil from the skin with continued usage.

One of the users of this product states “I’ve been going to dermatologists for years and years, and I’ve spent thousands on prescription medications to control my acne breakouts and painful skin cysts, pimples and super oily skin – but this powder is unbelievable. I am so happy that I found this product.”

Without any harmful ingredients, this product is very much kind to sensitive skin. It absorbs excess oil and does not clog pores. Further, it is gluten free and vegan as well.

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About Sylvia’s Healthy

Sylvia’s Healthy is mainly engaged in offering skin and health-related products. This powder is a new addition to their product list. The mission of this company is to empower people to feel at their best. With this intention, the brand has launched this extremely easy-to-use product that is not just safe, but also functional.

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