Today Lending takes the Section 184 Loans for Native Americans to more states and tribes across the U.S.

Leading mortgage options provider, Today Lending, takes the Section 184 Loans for Native Americans to more states and tribes in the U.S. to allow more people Purchase, Build or Refinance a Home regardless of their location or tribe.

Today Lending is one of the leading mortgage loan providers in the United States, providing existing and new homeowners with a wide range of mortgage options at remarkably low rates. The company recently expanded its Section 184 Loans services to more states and tribes across the U.S., allowing even more people to enjoy Native American Loans. This will make it possible for more people to purchase, build or finance a home regardless of their location or tribe.

The basic American dream is to own a home. However, many Americans have not been able to achieve this dream. While this statistics might not be surprising, the situation is quite unfortunate considering the plethora of mortgage options available to Americans that allows anyone to own a home regardless of their financial position. Today Lending has taken it a step further as part of the company’s mission of making everyone a homeowner by making the Section 184 loans available to more states and tribes.

Today Lending has announced that states like residents of California, Washington, Oregon, Kansas, Florida, Colorado Oklahoma and New Mexico and all tribe members in these states can enjoy the Section 184 loans, also known as HUD 184 Loans. This ensures that they enjoy the features and benefits of this loan program. These features include Low down payment of 2.25% and Low Monthly PMI of only $25 per month for 100k financed.

Other benefits of the Section 184 loan include allowing tribal members to participate and own homes in any area irrespective of their Tribal affiliation. Consequently, the tribe does not necessarily have to be located in the state to qualify. The loan program also has no income caps.

The criteria to qualify for the loan are briefly highlighted below:

  • Bankruptcy 2yrs after discharge
  • Foreclosure after 3yrs from Sheriff Sale
  • Low PMI ($15 per 100k Financed)
  • Manufactured, Modular or Metal Homes Allowed
  • Single Close Construction Loan with only 2.25% down
  • Member of American Indian Chamber
  • Low down payment of only 2.25%
  • Down Payment Can be Gifted or Borrowed.
  • Loan Limits of up to $417k
  • Excellent Interest Rates
  • Refinancing of up to 97.75LTV
  • Refinance 85% up to Cash-out
  • Tribal Down Payment Assistance Accepted

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