Outdoors 9.20 Has Launched The Ultimate Lantern For Dark Emergencies

The All New 2 Pack Tactical Lantern is Packed With Amazing Features & It is Coming With a Five Year Warranty to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

December 20, 2017 – Outdoors 9.20 has proudly announced the release of its all-new 2 Pack Tactical Lantern. The lantern is now available in stock on Amazon and it is packed with many amazing features. Moreover, the game-changing lantern is getting a phenomenal response with several five star reviews on Amazon. For any outdoor activity such as camping, hiking, night fishing or even its use as a tool box, it is an ideal choice and a helping hand in dark situations.

“This all new 2 Pack Tactical Lantern with atomic bright beam that emits 300 Lumens and it has a strong build 360-degree bright lamp, which is water resistant and collapsible with magnetic base along with a tough bottom hook,” said Mario Candanosa, while talking about the lantern. “Our goal was to create something that can serve as an essential in emergencies while also offering features unlike anything else in the market,” he added.  

In addition, it is extraordinarily versatile and weighs less than 1 pound. From indoor use such as shops and garages to outdoor use in RV’s or any activity in the dark, the lantern will help its users from around the world in many different situations. Moreover, it is water resistant and compact, which makes it an excellent choice for activities such as night fishing or even as a light source in a boat. However, the most amazing feature of this lantern is its unbeatable brightness, which comes with a new COB LED Technology that is built to produce an ultra-bright 300 LUMES for maximum illumination with a 3 individual COB strip that covers all 360 degrees.

Due its unbeatable brightness, the lantern is perfect to illuminate any tent or any room with ease. Moreover, it is also highly energy efficient and requires 3 AA batteries, which provide maximum brightness while costing too little. Furthermore, it is also environmentally friendly and cost-effective, which makes it the number one choice while buying an emergency light. Other amazing features include its high durability and to ensure customer satisfaction, the company is also offering a 5 year warranty along with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To order now via Amazon, please visit: www.amazon.com/dp/B076GTG1XH

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