Airwheel Smart Marsrover Is Suitable For 2017 Christmas

Airwheel electric scooters finally have the chance to enter into the mass market, just like electric bikes and bicycles. Convenient and interesting, Airwheel mini electric scooters are handy on many occasions. It is naturally an obvious choice.

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When electric scooter appears in more and more movies, TV dramas and entertainment programs, people begin to feel interest in this new transport. If one chooses Airwheel, he will be free from care of picking gifts, for Airwheel electric scooters are for people of all ages. It will save the buyers much money that should have gone on picking and choosing at the gifts. Usually X-series, say X8 electric unicycle, is the patent of highly skilled rider. It is regarded as the one merely skilled players can steer. This formidable slogan attracted a good many scooter-lovers. Some finally gave up and others stood fast thereby they became the adept players. That is to say, X-series is a challenge to anyone who knows about the electric self-balancing scooter. Being a Christmas Day gift, it certainly will be a hit gift.


S-series were released long before. Airwheel S-series ushered in a phase of two-wheeled self balancing scooter in a revolutionary way. The two-wheeled design ensures a better ability to maintain balance. This kind of model is more suitable for those white-collars. Or they are often used in large plant or scenery sites for sightseeing. Convenient and interesting, Airwheel S-series 2-wheeled electric scooters are handy on many occasions. It is naturally an obvious choice.


Apart from the challenging model, Airwheel also has an easy-to ride model, like Z5. Z5 belongs to Airwheel Z-series. Z5 standing up electric scooter owns its unique feature—the foldable pedals, modular battery and USB port and so on. The ease of use also allures many scooter-lovers. They thought Q5 was accessible to those beginners. This kind of feature won a large customer base.

Airwheel Z5

In addition to the intelligent electric scooters, there are smart e bikes, like the X shaped E6, E3 backpack e bike and R5 electric moped bike. All three models can be folded into small size to facilitate the travelling. More importantly, R5 has three ride modes, and any rider can choose their favourite mode.

Airwheel E6

In a word, Airwheel folding electric scooter is suitable for all ages.

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