Our Legendary Ladies announces the book release of “Harriet Tubman”

Our Legendary Ladies presents Harriet Tubman, a baby board book written by Megan Callea and illustrated by Jennifer Howard

Written by Megan Callea, “Harriet Tubman” is a children’s board book that illustrates the story of Harriet Tubman, popularly described as “The Moses of her People.”  This children’s book detailing the life and achievements of Harriet Tubman is written to teach the young and old to achieve their dreams.  Partnering with Kate Clifford Larson, PHD, a leading Harriet Tubman historian, and child and infant psychologists, this book is written with language to help provide the building blocks for vocabulary and speech.

The importance of history cannot be overemphasized.  Just as important is the need to use more advanced words and talk about topics that may seem progressive with our infants.  As it has become increasingly important to teach our youth about our history it is even more important to start teaching history from infancy.  Megan Callea and Our Legendary Ladies have compiled the stories of some impressive ladies that have made their mark on history, starting with the famous Harriet Tubman.

The historical baby board book is one of the few children’s stories with historian approval for historical accuracy both in word and illustration. While writing the book, Megan Callea worked with a historian and infant psychologists to ensure that the book does not only contain accurate facts about Harriet Tubman, but is written in a manner that helps babies as they develop their core speech and language skills.  Consequently, the book has been approved by one of Harriet Tubman’s leading historians, Kate Clifford Larson, PHD, for its historical accuracy.

The baby book is written to encourage parents to go beyond the basics with their infants, from the first day in their arms.  In the words of the writer, “My passion is to encourage parents to not only read to their children at the youngest possible age but to go beyond the basics of numbers, colors and animals and read about Our Legendary Ladies.

For every book purchased, a portion of the profits or a book will be donated to one of their non-profit partners that support the fight against illiteracy, provides assistance to military families or help children in need.

Harriet Tubman stood for freedom. She was one amazing woman that all children should know and love and this can be possible by purchasing and reading Harriet Tubman by Megan Callea.

About Our Legendary Ladies

Our Legendary Ladies is a series established to help parents educate their infants, by providing them with baby board books about strong, influential, and hopeful women that have changed the world.

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