Strive Physiotherapy Is A Leader In Treating Injuries And Strains Related To Snow Shovelling

Offering manual therapy, exercise guidance, and advanced therapy options

The snow is falling and people are injuring themselves by shovelling improperly. Injuries range from back pain, to knee pain, and shoulder injuries that can be long term issues if not treated right away. Without requiring treatment after there is another way to deal with the pain of shovelling and that is prevention. While making exercise part of your daily routine and general healthcare, there are certain precautions you can take to prevent injuries and strains related to snow shovelling.

Strive Physiotherapy and Performance ( is more than injury treatment. From an analysis of your baseline performance to treating you after an injury, Strive stays in touch with your healthcare team meaning the continuity of care offered is unparalleled with traditional therapy centers.

Alongside using advanced therapy, general exercise videos are offered in an effort to prevent injury and save time and money for you. You can get a glimpse of the simple snow shovellinginjury prevention by watching Strive’s video here. Without coming into the clinic, patients can access their blog containing videos, articles, images, and advice on injuries especially during this winter season’s snow fall. This includes, how they happen, why they happen, and how to prevent them.

Strive Physiotherapy and Performance believes that knowledge is power and understanding how and why injuries occur is just as important as how to treat them. Patients are treated and assessed initially in clinic. The clinic is staffed only with physiotherapists with a range of skills that cover basic to severe injury. Snow shovelling is a topic that cannot be ignored in Kitchener and yet it causes many injuries throughout winter that can have an impact on life year round.

The services offered here are covered by insurance and priced affordably enough for the uninsured. There are no hidden costs or referrals needed. All necessary treatments are discussed up front accounting for a change in treatment plan based on improvement. Add on requests by the patient such as massage therapy and myofascial cupping are clearly defined.

About Strive Physiotherapy and Performance

Strive Physiotherapy and Performance has one simple mission and that is to heal patients’ pain in a way the patient can handle. By listening to the patient’s concerns the right physiotherapist can be determined for that patient with humility in mind. If the right fit is not at Strive Physiotherapy and Performance, a referral to another therapy clinic will be made. Professionals at Strive keep up to date on current therapies by continuing their education throughout their employment. This ensures that cutting edge therapy techniques are at the disposal of everyone who walks in the door.

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