Finally A Trainer Approved Vodka That Matches Fitness Lifestyle

Muscle Vodka is the FIRST and ONLY Certified Trainer Approved AND Certified Gluten-free 80 Proof Vodka. Not only does it taste as smooth as it looks, but it won’t hinder all of your hard work in the gym either! It’s made from purest water and distilled from 100% corn.

Cleveland, Ohio – December 20, 2017 – No more guilty feeling on vodka nights on the weekends. Fitness enthusiasts who often have second thoughts on indulging in adult beverages need not worry further. A Cleveland-based fitness expert has come up with a revolutionary gluten-free, trainer approved vodka that will keep your fitness intact despite the indulgent gulps on the weekends. Titled as “Muscle Vodka”, it’s the FIRST and ONLY Certified Gluten-free and Trainer Approved 80 Proof Vodka.

Muscle Vodka was launched at 2017 Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Expo in Las Vegas and the unique wonder hasn’t even come close “resting in between reps”.  I guess you can say it is Muscling its way through the United States at marathon speed.   

“We are all set to revolutionize the Bodybuilding & fitness industry with our breakthrough Muscle Vodka and most importantly, this Vodka is completely certified and approved by a fitness expert.  “I created Muscle Vodka for my clients that would text me on the weekends inquiring what their BEST OPTION is that won’t reverse all of their progress they made during the week.” stated Grace, certified personal trainer and NPC fitness competitor and the lady behind Muscle Vodka. Gone are the days when you used to feel guilty with each gulp of the pristine pegs.

Made by a fitness enthusiast for the fitness enthusiasts, Muscle Vodka will relieve you of all such guilt issues and allow you to enjoy your weekends to the fullest. From bodybuilders to fitness enthusiasts to our health conscious peers- this innovative vodka wonder is soon to be the favorite adult beverage of everyone out there. 

Muscle Vodka is made in the USA and distilled from 100% corn in Florida. It stands out easily with its wide range of unique features – 

  • Made from organic properties strictly
  • 6x filtered through charcoal
  • Involves purest water free from all water impurities and all minerals through powerful Reverse Osmosis process
  • NO Hangover

“I usually used to have my clients asking what they can drink in the weekends with their cheat meals that will not reverse their progress in fitness throughout the week. I know most of them prefer to indulge in adult beverages and I hated to say ‘no’ to them every time. I have been in their position and I know how that feels to be not able to enjoy your weekends after a long hard week. It motivated me to think about a beverage that will not ruin their progress in the gym and will also keep the fun factor intact- and thus the revolutionary Muscle Vodka was born.” 

Muscle Vodka is currently licensed to sale in the state of Florida and can be sold online in 47 states. 

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