DoctorGlobe introduces a new healthcare case-management platform named “SURGERATE”

DoctorGlobe, America’s first and only domestic online hospital-shopping platform, has launched an innovative surgery case-management tool named “Surgerate”. Surgerate helps pre-certification, concierge, and case-management teams to seamlessly find the most efficient hospitals for their health plans’ participants in need of surgery.

San Diego, CA – 20 Dec, 2017 – DoctorGlobe is excited to announce the launch of “Surgerate” to augment its first-of-its-kind cloud based Surgery-Shopping platform. The innovative new interface is dedicated for healthcare case-management, pre-certification, and patient-placement teams. With just a click of a mouse, Surgerate ranks performance of more than 120 surgeries, at 3,000+ U.S. domestic hospitals, by quality, price, and location, relative to every employee’s area of residence. Going forward, both the original (patient) as well as the new (case-management) applications will operate under the combined platform “Surgerate” brand.

“We realized that empowering case-management teams was essential to increasing patients’ utilization of our quality and cost transparency platform. Patient-placement team members have been forced to wonder among 5-6 different sites in order to find provider/procedure quality, price, and location information, while ranking their findings manually using spreadsheets. Surgerate will do the ranking for them with one click from now on,” stated Tibi Zohar, President and CEO of Doctor Globe, Inc.

octorGlobe’s initial focus was on direct patient engagement in online healthcare consumerism. The company introduced an incentive program that reimbursed employees for their out of pocket expenses, and awarded them a cash bonus based on a percentage of their employer’s savings. Accordingly, the patient interface displayed employees’ incentives (what’s in it for them) rather than hospitals’ procedure prices. Surgerate displays every hospital’s price for the specific procedure, relative to the average rate in every employee’s area of residence.

With the launch of Surgerate, DoctorGlobe reinforces its commitment to help employers and employees contain their healthcare costs. Backed by its proprietary algorithm, big data, and crowd wisdom, the company helps self-funded employers and employees to curb high health care costs and improve surgery outcomes. The company has also come up with a smart employee incentive benefit program that inspires plan participants to select premium care providers that offer better care for less.

Surgerate is the first and only platform that ranks US domestic hospitals from 1 mile to 4,500 miles. The hospitals are ranked based on the most important parameters considered by participants, while choosing the right hospital by distance, quality and price. With Surgerate, plan participants and case-management teams can find the ideal hospital based on the factors that matter the most, select the best suitable doctor at the chosen hospital, and reserve their care with their chosen providers.

“We help self-funded employers save millions on healthcare costs. Moreover, we assist them to solve the two most common challenges they face – lack of upfront quality and price transparency in healthcare, and the struggle to engage employees with innovative solutions. We provide employees with access to 3000+ hospitals and help their employers beat the challenge of quality and price transparency”. 

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