Dobe Group launches the wehome LINK \”Global Enterprise Service Innovation Laboratory\” exploring new models for enterprise service

The wehome LINK “Global Enterprise Service Innovation Laboratory” project was launched in Shanghai, which was a new attempt to explore innovation of enterprise services by Dobe Group. After preliminary evaluations and roadshows exploring the project, Dobe will filter out seven enterprises out of dozens of other enterprises. There was an on-site launching ceremony and the signboard was made in the form of Lego bricks.

On 19th December, 2017, the wehome LINK “Global Enterprise Service Innovation Laboratory” project was launched in Shanghai, which was a new attempt to explore innovation of enterprise services by Dobe Group. After preliminary evaluations and roadshows exploring the project, Dobe will filter out seven enterprises out of dozens of other enterprises. The first batch of enterprises includes: Watson & Band Law Firm, China Talent Group (CTG), Qibao 360, Century Relocation Services Co. Ltd., Shanghai Yishi Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Private Office Micro Conveniences and SV First. There was an on-site launching ceremony and the signboard was made in the form of Lego bricks. Dobe Group and the enterprises have opened a new door to the global enterprise services innovation laboratory together.

wehome LINK is to be the most understandable innovation laboratory for cultural and creative industry and science and innovation industry services

wehome LINK is a bridge connecting enterprises and white-collar workers in Dobe cultural and creative industrial parks with external service resources. The company will give open range to the advantages of the parks platform and combine internal and external factors to explore the enterprise service modes with vitality. It is the first laboratory in the world to explore the innovative model of enterprise service in the context of diversified development.

According to the common demand of enterprise development in Dobe cultural and creative industrial parks, the company selected the service provider to enter the laboratory space in the parks over three months, and open up access to some of its resources for them, as well as make the parks, enterprises and external resources fully communicate, to exchange services and cooperate over these three months to creatively explore global enterprise services. As Dobe Group chairman, Jiabo said: “Dobe hopes to explore the most innovative company operating modes, shorten the distance between enterprises and cooperation between these enterprises to optimize the services. Dobe also hopes to open our park’s platform up and let enterprise service providers in, finding out about more suitable service products for the development of enterprise and promote them to the world.”

It is reported that the wehome LINK project is an admittance mechanism based on the matching degree of enterprise demand, the good degree of service promotion in the parks, the innovation degree of the product, the matching degree of white-collar demand, and whether it conforms to the latest trends of cultural and creative industrial policy. With the Daning and Changning district governments’ support, Dobe has now set up the Daning and Changning project as a double pilot parks convened by direct invitation and voluntary registration, after a primary evaluation. Final projects will now select from three catagories which are enterprise service, white-collar workers and  intellectual parks. There are a total of seven enterprises. The first company is one of the earliest Chinese partnership law firms in China, the Watson & Band Law Firm. This company provides intellectual property, investments, contracts, financial services and other legal services. The second company is one that provides talent recruitment, welfare insurance, labor relations management, salary & compensation services, consulting and training, as well as numerous other services, China Talent Group (CTG). Qibao 360 is an Internet insurance service platform that owns an Internet insurance sales qualification approved by the China insurance regulatory committee. Century Relocation Services Co. Ltd. focuses on relocation, cleaning, air treatment and green planting schemes. Shanghai Yishi Information Technology Co. provides intelligent printing, meeting rooms and pantry technology. The first station in Silicon Valley provides cross-border business learning survey service providers and Private Office Micro Conveniences that provides automatic shelf service.

Within three months, the team has provided its own innovative project services to enterprises in the Dobe cultural and creative industrial parks through practices and data resources of Dobe group. At the same time, Dobe Group will establish relevant expert teams and project review committees, and the corresponding operations management personnel to participate in the collaboration and comprehensive evaluation of the teams within three months of service. The appointed enterprise service with excellent experimental results will be promoted around the whole Dobe cultural and creative industrial parks.

wehome LINK Project Flowchart

Dobe Group Chairman, Jiabo said in an interview: “As a group that has more than 70 cultural and creative industrial parks and 5,000 enterprise service providers across cultural and creative industries and scientific development, we hope to be able to rely on enterprise service experience accumulated over many years, links to more resources, more partners, real service demands of small businesses, do some bold experiments, and export more professional services for enterprises in the parks, so as to truly realize the one-stop service experience for enterprises, and to be a solid support for cultural and creative industry enterprises. On the other hand, through the wehome LINK project, we also hope to be able to help some new brands in the field of professional services, it will be a platform to foster and create more good resources and create a two-way service channel.”

wehome LINK meets the demand of enterprise development and provides more caring  enterprise services 

As one of the earliest partnership law firms in China, Watson & Band Law Firm, has rich practical experience and skilled legal team skills as well as having enjoyed a high reputation in the field of intellectual property litigation. In recent years, with the emergence of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the policy of “double innovation”, Watson & Band has started to pay more attention to the development of these kinds of enterprises on the basis of serving large enterprises. Watson & Band Law Firm explores a set of legal service products that are more suitable for the development needs of SMEs, thus, we have this collaboration with the wehome LINK project. Watson & Band hope to combine the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, specially developing a set of legal services in the form of legal training, legal examination and legal consultation in three forms, to solve the problems surrounding intellectual property and share divisions of the most urgent problems of small and medium-sized cultural and creative industry enterprises, and conduct one-on-one consultations.

During a press conference, Lawyer Xu said, “Joining the wehome LINK program is a new experiment for Watson & Band. We’d like to use a more friendly legal service, a more open attitude and explore innovative corporate services with a cooperative group like Dobe to add value to both sides of our collaborations; for both of our businesses and for the whole industry, it’s a great example of the meaning of creation.” Watson & Band Law Firm can see the high quality and a certain amount of corporate resources in the parks, as well as the agglomeration effect of the enterprise under the strategy of “small circle”. We hope to use this time to cooperate with the company on the wehome LINK project with a large amount of enterprise data, legal cases and service enterprises to accumulate the experience of solving problems in the development of cultural and creative industry as well as science and innovation industry. At the same time, it is effective to help small and medium-sized liberal arts enterprises to improve the awareness and defense capability of legal risk control, to improve the problem-solving ability of enterprises when facing legal risks, and to provide enterprises with legal services from the startup stage to other stages of development. With the provision of professional legal services, Watson & Band has greatly improved the brand service value of Dobe Group and promoted the brand influence of Dobe Group.

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