World Missions is the idea of Leo – the founder who desires the development of a non-profit organization that aims to positively impact the lives of citizens of third world countries.

Leo is so much passionate about a cause that would help to make the world a better place, and the founder has displayed a significant level of concern and charity to all those who are in need, irrespective of their geographical location.

So despite living in a developed nation, the founder has a real consideration to those that are living in abject poverty in third world nations. World Missions seeks to establish orphanage homes for the homeless, because children are at the receiving end of the non-developmental nature of third world nations. World mission believes that children should not be held responsible for the inactions of their parents or political leaders.

Years back, World Missions founder was moved to assist people when his church ventured into a mission trip to El Salvador, but financial constraint made it impossible to be a part of such an excellent service to humanity. So according to Leo, now is the best time to initiate a charitable cause that would also provide an opportunity for many to be a part of this life transforming endeavor.

When fully functional, World Missions would be supported by a company established by the founder. Therefore 25% of the profit made from would be used to finance the projects of World Missions, coupled with the generous contributions that would be received from supporters.

World Missions has on its agenda, the provision of free education in third world countries, and according to Victor Hugo; “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Therefore, the quote is a reflection of the effort that World Missions would place on education, alongside its goal to see a breed of children in third world nations leading the pace in the development of new technologies, without the need to struggle about issues such as potable water supply, and other trivial challenges.

Uplifting little children from the quagmire of malnutrition, illiteracy, and poverty, is an act that should be the concern of everyone, so World Missions is inviting everyone who seeks to make an impact on the lives of many to be a part of this display of kindness and care.

An immeasurable benefit is achieved through purposeful contribution towards the improvement of the lives of many, as such a cause is considered to be an excellent source of personal fulfillment. Therefore, everyone is urged to proactively be a part of this opportunity presented by World Missions.

More information about World Missions can be obtained by contacting Leo via his email address provided below.

Media Contact
Company Name: World Missions
Contact Person: Leo Emam
Phone: +1 778 840 7283
Country: Canada