Branded With Authority Launches “Ultimate” Coaching Program For Authors

Jeff Lazarus, Branded With Authority Founder/CEO and Renowned Author
Respected author and business coach, Jeff Lazarus, has unveiled a new program to take the guesswork out of becoming an author, book publishing, marketing, and personal branding.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

As the author of the recently released bestselling humorous gift books, DOGTOLOGY and CATAKISM, Lazarus has combined his talents and knowledge to help others fulfill their dreams. Becoming an author is often cited by people as a stretch-goal in life and is considered by some to be a measurement of success.  “Published author” is an accolade often seen as prestigious, but often necessary, particularly when it comes to branding and platform speaking.  As a sought-after writer and business coach, Lazarus has written several successful books in his sphere and believes that authorship is one of the best methods of establishing credibility for self-branding. Since receiving multiple book deals from traditional publishers, he has been interviewed and invited to speak on television, radio, and conferences internationally. His new company, Branded with Authority, was created to help others develop and evolve their personal brand, their best book possible and for many of them, to secure a book deal. Jeff is also a literary and talent agent with a multitude of clients from around the world. Branded with Authority is expecting to announce its own publishing label in early 2018. 

“I know first-hand the power of publishing,” says Lazarus. “It must be executed properly with specific goals having the reader in mind“.  Lazarus professes that “relatability in one’s book comes from the outcomes for the reader, not just the story we wish to tell.”

His coaching methods cover all aspects of the publishing and marketing process while beginning to flush out and develop each other’s personal brand.  Branded with Authority also dives into the mechanics of being published by a mainstream publishing company to begin building brand credibility.  Lazarus further details how to secure mainstream media appearances and procure celebrity interviews. Lastly, the program will feature clients in a publicized speaker’s bureau.  Lazarus has been active speaking on business communications, including customer engagement and listening, since his 2016 release LISTEN LIKE A DOG…AND MAKE YOUR MARK ON THE WORLD.  This lighthearted self-improvement book will soon be published in a half-dozen languages. Each step of the program, according to Lazarus, helps to develop the author’s reputation as an authority and create a powerhouse brand. 

“Not only are we building a brand with our program,” he explains, “we are establishing new avenues for revenue. We all know that publishing a book is just one step of the process. Many authors do not realize there is a huge market for paid-speakers. As an author, you are now an established expert in your field. We help you to create your ultimate business card; your book.”

Branded with Authority is an end-to-end program for authors to learn how to develop their writing, become published, and market their book and brand. Participants will leave with all of the right tools in their toolkit to be successful. However, the instruction is not the only benefit to signing up with Lazarus. The respected author is acting as a literary agent, book publisher and talent agent for a select few.

“Become a client of Branded With Authority and you will have an opportunity to secure a book deal,  get featured on influential websites, benefit from successful publicity and even establish yourself as a paid-speaker,” says Lazarus.

For those who wish to be ‘branded with authority’, Lazarus asks that they fill out the submissions form or request a consultation.  

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