Haxter Co Ltd Seeking funds to Manufacturer a Wallet that is ten times smaller than Traditional Wallets

December 21st, 2017 – Haxter Co Ltd is appealing for assistance to make the idea of a ten times smaller wallet a reality. The company has launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign where it seeks to raise $ 10,000 to help in mass production of a product that is seeking to replace the bulky and cumbersome traditional wallet. While launching the crowdfuding campaign, the Haxter Co Ltd contact person Atthaphong Limsupanark said that WalletsMatter is designed for people who enjoy minimalistic way of life. He added that people who hate carrying around a bunch of junk will find the WalletsMatter a perfect size. Limsupanark said that after testing various sizes as well as materials and colors, the company finally came up with a ten times small and attractive design, one that perfectly fits in the back or front pocket without bulging.

The minimalist idea according to Limsupanark is not meant to reinvent the wallet but simply simplifying the wallet using a new design that emphasizes on simplicity. The design character focuses not only on minimalism but also on functions and aesthetics. “ The design has been an inspiration of a single piece craftsmanship, it was born out of desire on simplicity and effectiveness,” said Limsupanark while adding backing up with crowdfunding pledges will help people to make a facelift, stop using the old school wallet and settle for something which is comfortable and also good for their health.

WalletsMatter is now on the first lot of manufacturing phase; Haxter Co Ltd is looking to ship out the product by February 2018. Limsupanark says that the company has worked hard to source a manufacturer which will deliver as per specifications and also in time for shipment. The company seeks backing to allow it to meet this deadline and avail a product that will help carry their documents and money without a bulge their pocket or putting them at risk of “fat wallet syndrome.”

For more information visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/walletsmatter-make-your-wallet-10x-smaller-fashion/x/12129244#

Media Contact
Company Name: Haxter Co. Ltd
Contact Person: Atthaphong Limsupanark
Email: atthaphong@haxter.tech
Phone: +66809024567
Address:115/77, Kanchanapisek Road, Bang Bon Sub District, Bang Bon District
City: Bangkok 10150
Country: Thailand
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/walletsmatter-make-your-wallet-10x-smaller-fashion/x/12129244#/