Charlottesville, VA, December 21, 2017 – The founding Pastor of Faith Christian Center International, Dr. Wayne Frye is pleased to announce the launch of his inspiring and expository book, “Inward: Understanding Your True Nature In Christ”.

The book reveals deep insights on the true meaning of having a real and life changing encounter with God. Readers will have a rare opportunity to learn what actually happens when a person receives the gift of salvation. In a simple but powerful style, the book explains how to obtain scriptural understanding of what it means to be a new creation in Christ and the true knowledge of his new inward nature. 

“I strongly believe that Holy Spirit inspired the insights in this book to help you understand your true nature in Christ. So many Christians have been deprived of the full redemption benefits due to their lack of knowledge. This book brings an end to that.”  Says Dr. Frye.

He comments further, “It unravels the true meaning of the being ‘a new creation’, a term that has been preached, contemplated and misrepresented throughout Christendom. This book will help you understand the true nature of Christ and help you discover God’s purpose for your life.”

The book which is available at Amazon is already getting positive reviews from people who have been greatly impacted by it. Many are stunned by the depth of revelation and the degree of knowledge contained in the book.

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This a great book for both the newly converted Christian as well as those that have been walking in the faith for years. It clearly outlines who we are and the authority that we have as believers. It further shows that we are to walk in Victory knowing that we have been redeemed through the sacrifice to us from God which was Jesus. This is a very easy read with very anointed and powerful content that will have you thinking and walking in Victory!!” Says an Amazon Customer.

About Dr. Wayne Frye

Dr. Wayne is a pragmatic teacher and a Pastor of Faith Christian Center International in Charlottesville, Virginia for almost 20 years. He empowers his congregation through his teachings and helps people understand how to live righteously to receive God’s enteral blessings.

He is also a successful entrepreneur, a loving husband to Dr. Wendi Frye and a caring father of three amazing children, Wayne, II, Wayden and Wynne.

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