Gritty Indie Sci-Fi Author Lindsey Williams Does It Again – Book Release Details on Livelihood

Fans of Sci-Fi have a treat coming their way as the release of latest addition to the Motherhood series, written by author Lindsey Williams, is right around the corner. This new addition is called “Livelihood”. After the stunning success of the first book, it only seemed logical for Lindsey Williams to answer the prayers of her fans and further the plot of her impressively woven and complex story.

Livelihood revolves around the life of Lily Taylor – a young woman coming into her own under out-of-this-world circumstances. In the midst of all this, Lily must attempt to secure her livelihood and the fate of all of humanity. No big.

Indie author Lindsey Williams managed to garner a massive amount of attention and acclaim for the first part of the series, and expects her fans will love this installment as it greatly expands in scope from the intimate portrayal seen in Motherhood.

Incorporating all of the beloved elements and themes that go into the making of an enjoyable Sci-Fi thriller Lindsey Williams is definitely aiming for the sky with this new addition to the Motherhood series. Her past works greatly have exhibited her skill as an author – but many believe that this latest book will be her best work yet.

If one is a fan of Lindsey William’s past works – or simply science fiction in general – they should definitely take a look into it. The novel releases on the 25th of December and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon here: (

Get a sneak peek into Livelihood with the YouTube trailer:

About Lindsey Williams:

Lindsey Williams is an all organic free-range human, lifetime bibliophile, and occasional poet turned Amazon best-selling indie author. Her publications to date include books one & two of the Motherhood series, the all-female horror anthology Twisted, and several short stories.

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