Magic Entertainment Software Inc. launches online and mobile gaming app – PlayMobo

Leading software development company, Magic Entertainment Software Inc., announces the launch of its reward gaming platform – PlayMobo and online game – Rocks, Scissors and Paper, which allows players to earn Google Play gift card and PayPal cash.

PlayMobo is the latest gaming platform from software development giant, Magic Entertainment Software Inc. The software development company has also announced the launch of its online game, Rocks – Scissors – Paper. The platform is available as a mobile app and online game, allowing users to have fun and enjoy the excitement of the game anywhere and everywhere. PlayMobo is bringing a new dimension into the gaming world by allowing players to earn real rewards by converting the earned points to Google Play gift card, Amazon gift card, Steam card and PayPal cash.

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular not only amongst the youth but across all age groups. This can be largely attributed to the emergence of smart mobile devices and the increasing accessibility of internet. However, mobile and online gaming has some drawbacks, which include not allowing players get real rewards for their exploits and achievements on the game.

Magic Entertainment Software Inc. is however changing this by providing PlayMobo as well as Rocks – Scissors – Paper, allowing lovers of online and mobile gaming to have the best experience while earning points that can be used to redeem Google Play gift card, Amazon gift card, Steam card and PayPal cash.

The online game, Rocks – Scissors – Paper is fun and easy to play, allowing players to get gift cards from the points won while playing the game. However, like any other game, Rocks – Scissors – Paper comes with some rules, which are briefly highlighted below.

  • PlayMobo will send 2 PHs once player joins.
  • PH can be used to launch or accept challenges.
  • System will renew PH every 00:00 a.m. until it reaches 2 PHs.
  • Player can’t against with same rival twice.
  • No matter launch or accept challenges, the gestures appear randomly.
  • The winner will receive 500~3000 points as rewards randomly. Fail or tie will receive no rewards.
  • The rewards may be delayed because of the large numbers of participation. Players can check the points detail in PlayMobo.
  • All unclaimed points will be expired if you don’t log in PlayMobo to claim within 24 hours after the event ends.

The PlayMobo app provides a platform that allows people to earn free gift cards easily, while discovering cool games, writing game reviews and sharing game tips.

The app is already receiving accolades from users across the globe. “Very easy to use for starters, and u can add up the points pretty fast. I recommended this app to everyone. Most importantly, it does let u cash out. Had once already, almost ready to cash out again. Check it out. U won’t regret it,” says txbfj xgvafin.

PlayMobo can be downloaded on the Google PlayStore and is compatible with mobile devices operating on the Android 4.0.3 and above.

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