Enjoy the incredibly touching story of survival and beliefs by Wintrell Pittman

Memphis, Tennessee – 22nd December, 2017 – People around the world face violence and inequality — and sometimes torture, even execution — because of who they love, how they look, or who they are. Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of our selves and should never lead to discrimination or abuse. Wintrell Pittman has written an incredibly enlightening story titled “Homosexuality, A.I.D.S, and Voodoo”.

If you want excitement then this is the book for you!  You get first-hand knowledge about what went on in the very neighborhood where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.  If you want to laugh, read about Ray and his friend’s teenage adventures as they meander their way through the rough and tough streets of Memphis Tennessee before Beale St. was safe to visit.  The story takes a dramatic turn as Ray describes spousal abuse, and how he dealt with being bullied by the kids much tougher than him.  Homosexuality was viewed very differently in the 70’s and 80’s, so when the family finally faces the reality that two of their family members were gay it adds to the intrigue of reading this first-hand account.  Where does the Voodoo come from?  Read the entire book and you will find out!

The author’s objective is to dispel any myth concerning homosexual and homosexualities.

This book is filled with a lot of imaginative and spiritual illustrations written in well-structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace through from page to page.

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About the author

Mr. Pittman grew up in the Cleaborn Homes Housing Projects of Memphis.  Their family lived less than a half mile from where Dr. King was killed.  Mr. Pittman saw firsthand what the atmosphere was like during that time of historic social upheaval we call the Civil Rights Movement.  Most of it he watched from their own front door.  He writes about the abuse his family endured from their father.  He was also a witness to the evolution of his siblings’ homosexuality.  This created more drama in a family already in chaos. Oh least we forget, there was the element of the supernatural comparable to that of the Exorcist.   Mr. Pittman persevered his chaotic childhood and troubled adulthood enough to earn several degrees.  He has an Associates in Consumer and Family Studies, a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies and a Master’s in Human Resource Management.

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