Florida Attorneys Seitles & Litwin Win Praise for Unflinching Defence in Medicare and Healthcare Fraud Cases at Federal Level

Miami, Florida – December 25, 2017 – Seitles & Litwin are a well-known attorney firm in Florida, known for pursuing all cases to their logical conclusion with passionate defense and aggressive skills. One of their specialties is taking up cases in the area of healthcare and medical fraud at the Federal level, in which they have successfully defended several clients.

Legal wars are now all too common in the healthcare industry, which has earned a negative reputation in recent times, more due to high politicization as well as government scrutiny and investigations. This has put medical practitioners and services at a high risk of prosecution. Wrongful healthcare charges can virtually destroy professional careers and services, disrupt successful operations and even lead to cancellation of medical license.

Seitles & Litwin have earned hard won reputation for their defense of medical professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, health care providers, and medical supply company owners. They have successfully represented clients in cases such as healthcare or medicare fraud, medicaid fraud, overbilling or improper billing, accepting kickbacks and false medical claims.

In a recent case, Mr. Seitles was part of the defense team for a medical practitioner facing a federal case with 141 counts, including prescribing medication outside the scope of medical license and death of a patient, facing a minimum and mandatory 20 year sentence. After a successful defense, the jury returned a not guilty verdict on all 141 counts in less than four hours.

“The only attorney in Miami you can trust, and, believe me, I tried some. When you are in trouble, the lawyer can even become your worst enemy. Not the case here. A decent, ethical man that will treat you as family and fight for you till the end. When he shows up and tells you this is war, he means it!” said one recent client.

“With unrivaled compassion, intelligence, honesty, and never-ending determination, Seitles & Litwin provide criminal defense counsel you can count on,” said Mr. Seitles.

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