Rob Niter – An elite and inspirational natural bodybuilder

Charleston, South Carolina – December 25, 2017 – Rob Niter is a famous pro natural bodybuilder and actor who aroused inspiration among people. He is a sport model from the United States and renowned fitness model and personal trainer. Rob Niter achieved fame through posting vigorous workouts, nutrition plans and motivational quotes on several social media platforms.  The entire fitness and bodybuilding world has regarded Rob’s physiques as one of the most aesthetic till date due to his 30 inch waist, defined six-pack and influential torso.

In his childhood days, he was a football and basketball player who took part in various competitions which were held at different stadiums across the European continent. It was during his training sessions in sports, where he began to realize his body’s response to weightlifting. Later, Rob participated in his first-ever bodybuilding competition.

Rob Niter later joined the U.S. Air Force back in 2004 in the field of Optometry. When Rob was on military leave and on his way to Houston, Texas, he came across a jogger who collapsed on the ground. Without hesitation, he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for a period of about twenty-five minutes. Fortunately, he was able to save the life of that person and was later honored personally and recognized as the Hero of Houston by then, Mayor of Houston, Texas.

With his interest and love for the sport, Rob Niter teaches many to focus on a rather strict diet in conjunction with workouts thereby developing and strengthening the muscles. “The muscles will breakdown from training, but be mindful of what to eat and when to eat for superior gains,” said Niter. “Staying self-motivated, dedicated, disciplined and organized is essential for personal development,” he added.

Rob Niter won the Musclemania Lonestar Overall Muscle Model in 2013, followed by several Musclemania All Forces Overall Physique wins in 2014. Rob later acquired numerous other championship wins in 2015.  In all, Rob has never placed lower than first place!

During his training period in weightlifting, he managed to author books and training routines, in which he dispensed to his fans and clients via social media platforms. As he gained immense popularity among the public and through various TV channels, a renowned UK Fitness Company approached him and put forward a sponsorship deal with Rob for their brand. Rob Niter has accumulated a net-worth of $0.6 million US dollars as of 2017.  Rob is a great example of a passionate and successful entrepreneur, especially among youths.

Rob Niter took part in plenty of fitness expos organized across the globe. He has also appeared on several US television channels and fitness radio stations where he has explained and described fitness tips for the beginners.

Rob Niter is an inspirational fitness model who focuses on hard work, examining the body’s anatomy and the determination to grow bigger.  His knowledge, dedication to self and helping others exceed their desired fitness goals, has earned him the highest level of respect in the fitness industry.

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