Song About Environment by Natasha Dematra Received World Recognition at GMA

Good news comes at the end of 2017. The prestigious music competition, Global Music Awards (GMA), which is based in California, USA, gives the Bronze Award to Natasha Dematra for her song “Bumiku” (Earth).

In the ranks of this year’s winner came the name of Daniel Ho, the winner of 6 Grammy Awards from the United States. Natasha is the only representative from Indonesia in this year’s GMA event.

“How Earth is being juxtaposed with a Grammy winner is already an honor for me. I hope in the future, Indonesian artists can become more famous internationally,” said the woman who holds the world record as The Youngest Women Director in the world.

The Global Music Awards is a music competition that rewards distinguished musicians all over the world. This competition has been going on for six years.

Earlier in 2015, Natasha won the Bronze Award and the title of Favorite Singer from the Global Music Awards through a song about peace and humanity One Love For All. This year, through a song about environment “Bumiku” (Earth), sung in the Indonesian language, Bahasa, Natasha received another award from GMA.

Earth was produced by the World Environment Movement, written by Abah Ukam with Natasha, and arranged by Bobby Pilar. This song is an environmental campaign in a creative way. Earth takes a portrait of environmental damage by humans and seeks to invite all generations to care and love the environment. Earth is also the soundtrack of a documentary film about the Minister of Environment and Forestry; Siti Nurbaya Bakar: Srikandi Pembawa Perubahan, directed by Damien Dematra.

Recently, Earth won the Best Music Video in Venezuela. Earth has also won prestigious awards in Mexico, Hawaii and several festivals in the United States. Since it was first released, Earth has won many awards and has been screened at many conferences. One of them is the screening at the United Nations Climate Change conference in Marrakech, Morocco.

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