Author Taylor Kole launches website with an exciting promotion

Fans of detailed and intricate fiction writing have long awaited Taylor Kole’s debut releases. Taylor is the author of notable novels that  have created loyal and dedicated fans with their incredible ideas, shocking twists, and superb endings.

Taylor’s website acts as an entertainment hub – offering  information about upcoming events, books, Taylor’s personal journey, comment sections, and reader reviews.

With the creation of this website, Taylor is offering  a limited time E-Book publishing offer: anyone who registers their email at will receive  a free PDF, epub, or mobi version of, “Virtual Heaven”, his much  anticipated debut novel and “Teresa’s Gift”, an accredited short story.

Virtual Heaven  revolves around Alex Cutler, a proprietor of a virtual reality system that  ushers untold fun,  until a man dies while connected and society learns his consciousness has been transferred into the ever-expanding paradise.

Teresa’s Gift is about a meteorite named Teresa that  breaks into small seeds and litters the planet. Consuming the seeds is lethal, but people continue to do so. Randy stumbles upon a special seed and must decide if he will risk his life to save the masses.

Fans of novels like, Ready Player One, The Martian, and Dean Koontz, or just fiction writing, will find a home  with Taylor’s style and craft.

Please follow my advice  and take advantage of this limited time promotional giveaway.   You will thank  me,

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