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Online platform, Heelpainresource.com, announces official launch, becoming the one-stop portal for authentic information, guidelines and tips to cure and heal all types of heel pain

https://www.heelpainresource.com is the latest online source of information and tips on everything heel-related, designed to provide quick and effective solutions to the different issues and heel pains that people face across the globe. The recently launched online resource center is the first of its kind, becoming a comprehensive source of authentic information and solution to all types of heel pain that include plantar fasciitis and heel spur.

The heel and foot are two of the very important parts of the body, which could lead to great discomfort to individuals when they are not in good conditions. Unfortunately, the heel is one of the parts of the body that are regularly affected. Consequently, there is the need to provide the public with adequate information on how to heal many of the types of heel pains that affect individuals across the globe. Heelpainresource.com in a bid to bridge the knowledge gap has launched the website, with an easy-to-navigate interface and information provided an easy-to-understand language.

The website is dedicated to providing accurate and up to date information, guidelines and tips to cure and heal all types of heel pain. The information on the website is delivered in easy-to-understand terms, allowing anyone and everyone to use them in solving any of the issues they might have with their heels.

One of the major features of the website which will be made available to users in coming weeks is the podiatrist directory. This feature allows podiatrists to register themselves and showcase their profile. They also have the opportunity to guest blog and get patient appointments, amongst other benefits that come with being on the site. The site offers a wide range of podiatrist listing plan, ensuring that every podiatrist gets a plan that fits his or her budget and preference, with listing plans ranging from the free plan to the lifetime plan. This also affords podiatrists an opportunity to profit from free yet effective publicity. https://www.heelpainresource.com is also giving a free lifetime listing plan offer to the first 100 registrations.

In addition to getting effective heel pain solutions, users of the website will also enjoy heel and foot pain exercise videos, and products at the shop section, designed to help them get rid of the pain. The products are sourced from top brands and curated from top online sources and they include shoes for heel and foot pain, compression socks, night splint, foot massager, calf stretcher, rubs and ointments and much more.

Heelpainresource.com is bringing a new dimension into the world of podiatric medicine by harnessing all the needed tools, resources and solutions and bringing them together in one easily accessible platform.

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HeelPainResource.com is a one stop destination dedicated to helping the public find the right podiatrist nearest to their location. In addition to providing a list of the best podiatrists around, the site also allows provides an expert guide that educates users more about heel and foot pain, heel spur, plantar fasciitis and other foot related ailments.

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