YPADD presents permanent address for businesses, that doesn’t change with any number of relocations

YPADD is the newly launched platform that allows the businesses to update their address quickly and hassle-free whenever they relocate. It’s a permanent address that they can keep with them forever and eliminate the risk of losing clients or business and updating the address in several documents. It works by generating a random alphanumeric address when any business/individual registers a personal/business profile completely free of cost. The user will also have an option to request a premium address based on their own/business name by paying a one-time fee.

YPADD is developed considering the problems faced by individuals and businesses after relocation. Even if somehow, they manage to update their address conveniently, chances are they might miss a thing or two. Not updating the address everywhere may lead to client loss, financial loss, legal issues and more which is why Ypadd has developed a solution that allows the businesses and individuals to keep a permanent address that doesn’t change even after multiple relocations.

The user can publish the alphanumeric address generated by YPADD on their business cards, legal documents, letterheads, online profile and other official documents, using which the clients and other people can search their address easily. In case of relocation, the user can update their address easily on their YPADD profile thus, inform everyone about the address change easily. The clients can also easily locate the user by typing-in their YPADD address on ypadd.com or YPADD app search tool.

Whenever the user relocates, the user can log on to their YPADD profile and update their personal/company address and contact details on the dashboard. They can also update their pin-drop location on the map option available on the profile. The platform enables the user to update their address in real-time which means, the updated address & contact details can be immediately viewed by the clients. It eliminates the need to change details on letterheads and business cards by reprinting them all over again. The user can continue with the same stationary or papers that they have with them.

YPADD allows the user to have a seamless transition from the old address to the newer address. It is really helpful for the individuals or businesses that relocate frequently or planning to relocate in future. YPADD has a working website with its core functions currently working and recently launched on Indiegogo with a goal of raising £55,000 which will help them in getting this platform out there in the market to assist the individuals and businesses in need. The success of the crowdfunding campaign will also ensure that the owners can add more features to the platform and able to develop the corresponding app for iOS and Android users.

Interested backers can support the campaign and pre-order YPADD at an early pride price through Indiegogo.com.

Media Contact
Company Name: YPADD
Contact Person: Grace Williams (PR Manager)
Email: gracewilliamss91@gmail.com
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.ypadd.com