As the first Turkish film to tackle the 1915 Armenian tragedy through the point of view of innocent children, ‘Lost Birds’ is an ‘Anatolian Fairytale’ – a magical realism.

Los Angeles, CA – December 27, 2017 –

An ‘Anatolian Fairytale’ filmed through innocent eyes.

TriCoast Entertainment is thrilled to release Kara Kedi Films’ three-time award winning Turkish historical and emotional drama, “LOST BIRDS” is an ‘Anatolian Fairytale’ – a touching and powerful narrative told through the innocent eyes of young siblings, Bedo and Maryam, who were left behind during the mass deportations of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

Stuck inside a ghost town with no one in sight besides their bird ‘Bacik’, Bedo and Maryam set off on a dangerous, desperate trek to find their mother. 

Brought to the screen by five years of work from dedicated and persistent filmmakers, Ela Alyamac (“Fairy Dust”) and Aren Perdeci, “LOST BIRDS” is a children’s tale set against the backdrop of the First World War in a small Armenian village, revolutionary for being the first Turkish film to tackle the 1915 Armenian tragedy.

Considered an ‘Anatolian Fairytale’ for its emphasis on family and love, especially during a time of violent conflict, told through the eyes of innocent children. Though an emotional and heartbreaking topic, there is magic in the fairytale aspect which provides viewers with innocent and young views on culture, how people look at existence, and the lengths ones will go to reunite with their loved ones.

Lost Birds has a poignant story and great performances from the young actors, as well as stunning and poetic visuals with beautiful music that sings to the soul. It ends on a bittersweet note, which resonates with the audience for days. The film is a labor of love that has been hand crafted for every small detail. Armenian actors, all descendents of the Ottoman Armenians give natural yet very powerful performances, opening a window to a time gone by,” wrote Aida Takla O’Reilly for the Golden Globes, Foreign Language Films (HFPA). 

Though many believe that Turkish fairytales were used to re-invent and redefine their new country after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Speaking on the subject of Turkish fairytales, both Aren and Ela emphasized the film’s aim to expose the true and entirety of this historical event. In an interview with Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan, Ela spoke about the fairytale/historical combination of “LOST BIRDS”, stating, “We follow them to an orphanage life which is led by a Swiss German missionary woman, all these things and more were written according to historical facts but because we experience them through the eyes of Bedo and Maryam, who were left behind during the exile, and who have a special World of their own, we experience it all in a fairytale like atmosphere. The story of Bedo and Maryam who loose their family overnight will echo the stories of thousands of Armenian orphans. In ‘Lost Birds’ we were able to capture something real and very magical at the same time.

“LOST BIRDS” stars several magnificent first-time actors, including the emotional capture of innocence through children eyes by Heros Agopyan as ‘Bedo’ and Dila Uluca as ‘Maryam’. Alongside is Sarkis Acemyan as ‘Grandpa Yetvart’, Arto Arsenyan as ‘Father Mesrop’, and Takuhi Bahar as ‘Kinar’. 

“LOST BIRDS” will be available on VOD platforms beginning January 1st, right in time to honor Armenian Christmas on January 6th on platforms: iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, Hoopla, Vudu, DISH/Sling, and InDemand.

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LOST BIRDS (2017, 90 min.) Written and directed by Ela Alyamac and Aren Perdeci. Editor: Ela Alyamac, Aren Perdeci. Cinematographer: Aren Perdeci. Sound department: Eli Haligua, Burak Topalakci, Caglar Yesilay. US. English. Kara Kedi Films, TriCoast Entertainment.


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