Tennis Player, Instructor, and Inventor, Hayden Cochran Launches Campaign on Indiegogo to Fund the Appleseed Tennis Training Systems Project

Hayden Cochran announces the launch of fund raising campaign on Indiegogo for Appleseed Tennis Training Systems project.

Hayden Cochran, tennis instructor with over 40 years of experience in playing and teaching tennis, has announced the launch of a campaign on Indiegogo for the ambitious Appleseed Tennis Training Systems project. It is a uniquely designed and planned training system that can help aspirants learn tennis 60 percent faster and improve their existing level of expertise significantly.

“I am pleased to introduce the Appleseed Tennis Training Systems which is a program designed to accelerate the learning process by 60 percent,” says Hayden Cochran about his invention. “It is a great way for beginners to give their game a considerable boost while experienced tennis players can increase the overall consistency by at least 20 percent. It can be of high value for tennis instructors and executives as they can enjoy significantly higher group level enrolments.”

According to Hayden, tennis is a game of repetition that can be best learned by repeating specific actions. These moves can develop fundamental tennis muscle memory. The faster a player at the beginner level develops fundamental muscle memory, the quicker they will learn to play the game.

Hayden Cochran has developed the training systems using the Strike Well concept. It can help improve full impact, point of contact muscle memory instantly. This can help novice players improve their game rapidly and significantly. The Appleseed Tennis Training System and the Strike Well concept attempts to change the traditional concepts, methods, and ideas employed in tennis teaching for many decades.

The project has engineering as its foundation because the very idea of the Appleseed Tennis Systems involves engineering models and concepts. The prototypes will be in-hand demonstration models and floor models. They will be used in marketing videos and for demonstration during sales calls to individuals. Professional, experienced and competent engineers will be working on developing the blueprint for the project.

Hayden has already received seven proposals from various engineering groups for the Appleseed Tennis Training Systems project. As the invention has only a few parts and just one moving part, Hayden is confident that the budget needed for funding will be low and sufficient.

The Strike Well has been designed to be adjustable in height for the home as well as the professional teaching model. To include the concept of color recognition which is a crucial aspect of Appleseed Tennis Training System, the Strike Well is being offered in different colors. The project will be flexible enough to be able to appeal to everyone’s almamater according to the inventor.

Hayden Cochran has a flexible funding goal of $9,000 for The Appleseed Tennis Training Systems project on Indiegogo. There are about two weeks left within which the funding goal must be achieved for the campaign to be successful.

About The Appleseed Tennis Training System:

The Appleseed Tennis Training System has been developed by Hayden Cochran, the inventor and a tennis player with over 40 years of experience as a player and instructor. The specially designed training system will make use of the Strike Well concept. Beginners can use the system to learn tennis faster by 60%. Experienced players can improve overall consistency by a minimum of 20%.

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