SunDancer, The New Energy System Proudly Announces Their Kickstarter Campaign

SunDancer, a hybrid clean energy system that is designed to run 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, proudly announces their Kickstarter campaign. They are a new form of solar power that uses energy from the sun and switches to synthetic natural gas made from trash when sun energy goes out.

“We began by asking the question that what would happen if power from clean energy equipment were a lot cheaper than buying power from the power company? Our project is to incorporate the technical advances shown with the existing technologies and build full-scale demonstration units. We believe that will be able to use all the money we can raise; the more we raise, the more demo units we will be able to build,” said the manager of SunDancer.

They are working on lowering clean energy costs. SunDancer is based on four key technical advances including an efficient small turbine, an inexpensive small turbine, an effective low pressure, low-temperature boiler, a feed pump system and optimized reinjection of the spent steam coming off of the turbine.

These four advances allows for the development of a new type of clean energy system, a solar/biomass/trash hybrid that makes use of the sun whenever it is available. When it is not, the system switches to synthetic natural gas produced from biomass or household trash. The solar and gasification technology is well known and numerous systems that utilize these technologies are in existence.

The results are the least expensive form of electric power available, which means that it costs less to operate SunDancer including the monthly payment. Consumers will pay less than they are currently paying for energy from electric companies. Most power companies are not happy about the fact that it gives them some real competition.

SunDancer is able to face and overcome the two major challenges of incorporating a new technology. First is technical know-how; they have an experienced engineer who owns an engineering company that started far back as in 2004. Second is financial challenges; SunDancer is also able to overcome the financial challenge as it is well able to deliver the bumper stickers, photos, t-shirts, hoodies and the weekly SunDancer Reality Show for this campaign.

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