The Complete Anti-Theft Solution for Smartphones, I&Phone, is Now Available on Kickstarter

Iotok Labs introduces I&Phone, a mobile application and card that aids smartphone owners in finding their lost or stolen phones.


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I&Phone, the complete anti-theft smartphone solution engineered to locate lost or stolen phones, is now available on Kickstarter. With a simple mobile application and a paired card, I&Phone’s features establish theft prevention measures that provide phone owners a sense of security and ease. With its highly-advanced technology, I&Phone features an automatic lock system to prevent thieves from accessing personal records and files stored in smartphones.

“Generic anti-theft applications can only track lost or stolen phones when they are turned on,” said CEO You-Seong Kim. “I&Phone prevents the smartphone from being turned off in order to consistently track its location.”

Users can utilize I&Phone’s “Locker” and “Finder” application functions to enable power-off prevention, a siren alarm, mugshot evidence, GPS tracking and automatic calls. In the case that a smartphone is lost or stolen, the I&Phone Locker application, which is installed on a user’s device, prevents the phone from being turned off in order to secure its location. The I&Phone Finder, which is installed on another device, assists users in locating their phone. The applications allow users to employ an array of features in order to obtain their lost or stolen phones.

I&Phone comes with a small, portable card and a mobile application, available for Android and iOS devices. Placing the card behind a smartphone will automatically allow for I&Phone installation to occur. The I&Phone card, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy, has a battery life of over 1 month and comes with a wireless charger.

I&Phone’s features include:

  • Power Off Prevention: Password must be entered to turn off and unlock phone
  • Mug Shot/Video Recording: Photos and videos are taken from front and rear cameras and sent to email
  • Automatic Call: Send a call directly to phone from secondary phone for automatic pick-up
  • Location Tracking: Current location of phone is provided through Google Maps
  • Siren Alarm: Maximum volume alarm, vibration and camera flash activate for 10 seconds

Pre-order of I&Phone is now available through the product’s Kickstarter page (, and it is a consumer-ready product with positive reviews. During the campaign, I&Phone can be purchased for $29 USD as the Early Bird price and $34 as the Kickstarter Regular price. When the campaign funding goal is achieved, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be complete in April of 2018.

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