Technavio’s research results on global sports nutrition market likely to inspire more players to jump in the industry

Technavio, the leading global technology research, and advisory company has conducted the latest research on global sports nutrition market that predicted a CAGR of around 9% during the period of 2017-2021. The research results are likely to inspire many companies to launch their products in the sports nutrition industry and take advantage of the increasing demand in the market. The research findings may bring much delight to the existing players in the market and provide a chance to the newbies to enter the market and explore the potentially increasing customer base.

The report provides an insight into the major factors influencing the market including trends, drivers, and industry-specific challenges. One of the major market drivers was increasing demand from the non-traditional users due to increasing interest in sports and awareness about health. Earlier, the sports nutrition products were only used by athletes and bodybuilders but today the scenario has changed and these products are high in demand among regular gym goers and even the mainstream customers.

According to the report, occupying almost 65% of the share, the sports protein powder segment dominated the market in 2016. While some of the leading players in the market such as Atlantic Multipower UK, CLIF Bar & Company, and ProAction continue to rule the market the emerging companies such as NowProtein are changing the face of the rapidly growing industry.

Most of the sports nutrition brands in the market specialize in selling protein shakes, creatine, amino acids and weight gainers/reducers. The customers nowadays have a great variety to choose from based on their requirements such as vegan, aged customers, daily health and more. The report predicts high growth for the global sports nutrition market in America as more number of people are inclining towards healthy living, increasing a number of health clubs and rising demand for meal-replacement powders due to a fast-paced lifestyle.

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