Fredrick Mendez launches fundraiser to support people in Ethiopia suffering from the food shortage and lack of resources

Traveling minister and philanthropist Fredrick Mendez has launched a crowdfunding campaign on for the people of Ethiopia who are in need of food and resources. Fredrick along with Apostle Guillermo Maldonado will be ministering from King Jesus Ministry to take a trip to Ethiopia in February 2018 to spread the word of God. The funds raised from the campaign will also cover the cost of traveling and related expenses.

Fredrick and Apostle will be traveling to Ethiopia to bring healing and deliverance to the people as well as provide a hand of support to those in need. Apostle has previously delivered his speeches in Ethiopia and millions of people joined the gathering. Through his channel, The Supernatural Now, he covered the entire event which showed how the people who attended the sessions experienced healing, deliverance, supernatural encounters and miracles in their lives. The idea to take the word of God to Ethiopia was born in Miami, Florida where the leadership of King Jesus Ministry planned to deliver the healing power of Jesus to the entire community in Ethiopia. A team of experts strategically designed a state of the art sound system that would allow millions of people to listen to the conferences clearly.

The previous event in Ethiopia witnessed 1.3 million people who joined and listened to the word of God along with 370 documented testimonies, 650,000 salvations and 1 million people baptized in the Holy Spirit. Now it’s time again for people in Ethiopia to witness the same miracles again in the February of 2018. Fredrick and Apostle expect more number of people joining the event to gain unlimited advantages from it. The ministry invites generous individuals, pastors and leaders from around the globe to contribute to the campaign and enable the two along with the ministry team to go to Ethiopia and offer healing and deliverance to the people. The contributors will be investing in millions of souls that will give their lives to Christ.

Ethiopia has been struggling with the yoke of bondage for many years and the ministry now provides them the opportunity to be freed from the shackles and live their lives in a better way. The event is aimed to bring them peace, powerful teachings, and healing that will transform their lives.

More information about the campaign and a video of the supernatural encounter by people is available on

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