Setema Gali, Super Bowl Champ, Business & Life Coach Featured Guest On Influencers Radio

Super Bowl Champion Setema Gali, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. Finding his own true success after hitting financial rock bottom, he discusses how he is helping successful entrepreneurs engage with the real successes life can offer them.

Setema Gali, a Super Bowl Champion and business coach, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. He discussed his journey through the ups and downs of business success which left him wanting something more.

Gali has the uncanny ability to make money – lots of money. Throughout his life, however, he has also had the unfortunate ability to lose that money. While experiencing these financial ups and downs in his life, he found that when he was having a truly successful business moment when the money was flowing in, he felt a lack for something more. He felt that something was still missing in his life, which money couldn’t fill.

The drive and determination that he had when building a business left no room for family, friends, fun and even his health. At the end of the day, he lost not only money at one point in his life, but he lost his family as well.

The positive outcome from these life experiences is that Gali has learned what really makes his life successful and it’s not just about making money. There’s another side to success he was missing. He now makes time for his spouse, his children, his friends, his health, his spirituality and fun. He found what was missing and he’s not letting go this time around. And, yes, he’s also extremely successful in business and making money.

Gali shared, “I found that certain things became non-negotiable in my life. They needed to be done and scheduled in, just like a corporate meeting. Date night with my spouse. Being out with the kids. Exercising every single day. Meditation and spiritual study. Not negotiable. Every single day.

What happened is I began to do this in my life and I found the piece that was missing. And I found I could still increase my income. At the same time, increase the meaning and depth of my relationships. At the same time, keep my body fit, functional and flexible. And at the same time, continue to be connected to my higher purpose and my spirituality.

And as I began to do these things, the income continued to rise. I felt great about what I was doing. I felt incredibly fulfilled and I knew I was on the right path.”

Gali is now helping other successful entrepreneurs and business people get on the right path. Many of these men feel they don’t have the time to do all these things, but Gali insists they can’t afford to not make the time. Contrary to what these men believe, when the right things are done, the money will not only continue to flow, but it will do so in greater quantities. He is feeling the ultimate fulfillment in helping others achieve what he has done himself.

Setema Gali is not only a Champion on the field. He’s a Champion in life, as well.

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