One of California’s Largest Laundromats Invests In Serious Equipment Upgrades

One of California’s Largest Laundromats Invests In Serious Equipment Upgrades
Equipment Upgrades Lead To Happier Customers and Money Saving Energy Efficiencies.

This year Mammoth Laundromat, a full service Laundromat to include Wash-and-Fold service has invested in major equipment upgrades which have led to better than expected results, including: Reduced Maintenance Downtimes, Improved Customer Satisfaction, Better Staff Efficiencies, and Significant Energy Savings.

 Upgrades include an Easy Card system for all machines, as-well-as new Dexter Expressdryers outfitted with EZ-Efficiency’s BiO-Therm system.  The card reader’s intended purpose was to allow for less staff overhead by eliminating the tasks associated with managing coin operated machines.  The staff no longer being required to collect and count change, manage dollar changers, and deal with customer complaints of change lose in machines is able to focus on other areas of the business.  These other areas include Wash-and-Fold service, facility clean-up and maintenance, and customer outreach.  So far customers truly love the card system, and claim it is truly a major convince over the legacy change based machines.  The biggest thing is the card reader system allows Steve and his wife more free time to travel without worrying about issues related to coins, coin mechanisms and bank deposits, as the card reader system collects money and keeps a complete accounting of all activity in the store. 

Equipment Upgrades

The new Dexter dryers have significantly reduced the maintenance downtime associated with older dryers, and coin mechanisms, and the inclusion of EZ-Efficiency’s BiO-Therm makes them even more energy efficient.     Mammoth chose to take delivery directly from the manufacture and completed the install in-house.  This was a money savings move that also allowed them to time any downtime to minimize business interruption during the transition.

Steve decided to contact EZ-Efficiency to remove the BiO-Therms from the older dryers and install them on the new dryers.  This was a no-brainer as the BiO-Therms paid for themselves in less than 2 years, and since having them installed over 2 years ago, there has not been a single complaint of damaged laundry due to over drying.   The BiO-Therms were easily removed from the old dryers and added to the new dryers significantly upping their efficiency.  

About Mammoth Laundromat: Mammoth Laundromat is a full service Laundromat located in Fresco California.  We have been in business since 1998, and are dedicated to our customer’s experience, and smart energy efficiency improvements. 

Equipment Upgrades

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