The Newbeem Smart Outlet Enables Phone Users to Control Lights Virtually Anywhere in the World

For many homeowners, controlling something as simple as the lights in their home, even when they are away from it, lends greater peace of mind.  The Newbeem Smart Outlet enables smart phone users to do just that without subscribing to an expensive remote home program.  This wi-fi enabled surge protector allows anyone with an iOS or Android phone to remotely turn on and off their lights—as well as dim them—and other plugged in devices from virtually anywhere in the world.

The Smart Outlet offers many important benefits. First, homeowners can present the image of residents in the home, warding off any potential intruders.  Secondly, the Smart Outlet helps conserve energy by only illuminating your home when you want; you can schedule the device to increase or decrease light intensity at specific times of the day. The Smart Outlet also allows you to monitor your  power usage. Additionally, the remote operation allows you to control the intensity of light without having to get up and manage it manually.

This amazing power outlet also features powerful surge protection.  In case a power spike occurs, the Smart Outlet will instantaneously shutdown, protecting your valuable devices.  The Smart Outlet can handle up to 200 watt bulbs in a variety of types—CFL, dimmable, fluorescent and incandescent.

The Smart Outlet is extremely easy to set up and operate; it easily plugs into your wi-fi network and can begin working in just a few minutes.  Because it uses 128 bit AES encryption, you can be assured that your Smart Outlet will remain secure.

Newbeem has worked hard to create a powerful, affordable device that will improve your life and make your home safer.  The Smart Outlet is ready to go into production, but Newbeem is offering early adopters to obtain one before retailers and at a discount.  Through a campaign on Kickstarter, you can reserve one or more Smart Outlets and have them by November.  To learn more about the Smart Outlet or to reserve your own, please visit

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