“Trade and Business Link”: New Digital Asset Favorite with Practical Application Value E-commerce Retail Platform will usher in a New Industrial Revolution.

With the continuous expansion of the global e-commerce users, and the gradual narrowing of the differences in the global e-commerce area, the deep integration of e-commerce and the real economy is promoted. “Digital asset” has been more and more popular with the public. In part, the “deflation” attribute of “digital assets” with the application function and the existence value has avoided the “inflation” risk of “traditional assets” to a large extent.

Therefore, relevant global people above middle class have begun to transfer some of their personal “traditional assets” to “digital assets”. Besides, the practical application of block technology will also determine the success or failure of traditional enterprise to a larger extent. After “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum” and other “digital assets” with great application value, “Trade and Business Link” (TBL) will become another new digital asset favorite that quite attracts attention from global investors.


With the practical application of “promoting business trade, stimulating consumption and encouraging entrepreneurship”, TBL insists on the value mission of “assisting in offline entity transformation and upgrading and e-commerce transformation; helping the launching of online e-commerce platform, changing from fictitious economy into real economy; supporting mass entrepreneurship, alleviating the employment pressure; reducing per capita consumption costs and improving people’s well-being life index”. The design of its disruptive operation mode will trigger another innovation and revolution in the model of the entity and the e-commerce industry.

TBL is generated by e-commerce platform in the rapid developing tendency of emerging technology factors such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, the Internet, mobile Internet, etc. In the rapid development of the digital economy, sizing up the situation, it’s an innovative business operation mode with the application of “blockchain” technology for e-commerce platform consumers, which is guided by the “co-creation and win-win, regurgitation-feeding and feedback” idea.

The original intention of the TBL is a return to the loyalty to the platform of a large number of members who respect the e-commerce platforms, as well as a value cognizance of the Internet operation industry to trade data value. In addition, it’s also designated to assist e-commerce platforms specialized in vertical subdivision to breakthrough thinking bottleneck, break the data monopoly, cover the data gap in harsh and realistic competition environment of Internet giant search engine monopoly. Besides, it provides a new operational concept and operation mechanism to breakthrough technology and perspective business mind, and offers a new business idea for the new retail revolution with the trend of new business form and industrial revolution.

TBL will become a new favorite of global numerous “digital assets” lovers, investors and entities, e-commerce and consumers! 

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