Expert offers certification course in a unique niche

A certified trainer for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, Marc J. Wagner has designed a platform that allows people to get certified in this area of expertise. A Harvard Medical School study published in their gazette showed the benefits of hypnosis to health, healing, and wholeness. This is a step that has further buttressed certain findings which have shown how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help heal the mind and the body. It deals with those who have just undergone surgical treatment, the power of utilizing the mind effectively and much more. The need for certified personnel to drive this new move has led to the creation of this program that allows people to be trained in a custom format.

The NLP and Hypnosis expert, Marc J. Wagner states that “The outcome of the Harvard Medical School study is not something that should just cause us to celebrate. It is something that has put a huge responsibility on our shoulders. As an expert in this field, I see that it is expedient to pass my knowledge forward. Anyone who is certified will not just get to practice anywhere in the US; they can play their part in helping more individuals bounce back to good health.”

The course modules are designed to teach people about the rudiments of the body, the way the mind works and how NLP and hypnosis can play a key role in helping people lead an effective, happier and healthier life. Based on the numerous studies that have been carried out, this branch of human behavior remains vital to entrenching positive life values and changes. The training will equip the attendees with the discipline that they need to take their career to any height that they desire. It is important to mention that this program is not essentially about generating finances for any party; it is a call to give back to the society and create an unending chain of healing around the world.

This program is meant for those who are serious about helping others live a fulfilled and healthy life. There are certain expectations that will be placed on anyone that goes through the program. Applications are currently open for this certification, and it will be closed as soon as the number of students expected has been reached. Interested candidates can contact the NLP expert through the details listed at the bottom of this press release.

You can click on this to learn how you can sign up for the NLP and Hypnosis certification course.

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