Making Friends Got Easier with this new subscription service

Post Candy is heading to battle the feelings of isolation and disconnection created by the modern world and create real connections by delivering exclusive stationery and Penpals to women each month.

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada – January 16, 2018 – The modern world is plagued with instant communication, yet somewhere down the line, this convenience is pushing us to isolation and disconnection. A new start-up is pledged to change things for better this New Year. Vancouver Island-based Post Candy has launched a unique subscription service which will enable women to move out of the isolation of the electronic world and back into the good ole days of snail mail. A time when you would look forward to checking the mail and finding a treasured, decorated letter from a friend. For those who aren’t artistically inclined, the subscription services also includes custom designed stationery every month.

Post Candy was launched on January 11, 2018 in Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The subscription services are exclusively for women.  

“I am excited to open Post Candy this New Year. It’s more than a subscription service…along with delivering exclusive stationery from talented artists, we connect women in friendship via snail mail. Getting a letter from someone across the world that took the time out of their life to share with you a piece of their heart is priceless,” smiled Jessie. 

When Jessie, a single mother of two, was planning on opening an online business, she wanted to make sure that the venture was infused with passion and purpose. Something that encompassed most of her passions while also making a difference in the world.

“I was at a place in my life where I had left an unhealthy marriage, moved away from family, outgrown certain friendships and was alone. I thought back to a time when I had a Penpal as a child and what a great experience that was for me. How joyful and connected it made me feel. I also thought about what the world was lacking – connection and joy – and Post Candy was born. The electronic world has made our lives easier but on the downside, it has taken away one of our basic human needs… connection. Factor in that it’s already hard making friends as an adult and you got a recipe for loneliness and depression. Connection is vital for happiness. We need to feel connected in real life, not only through Facebook messenger and that’s where Post Candy comes in.”

Post Candy has come up with 2 unique subscription packages- Penpals & Packets and Penpals & Paper Bits. Penpals will be hand matched by the company based on preferences and interests submitted by subscribers while creating their Post Candy account.

Penpals & Packets subscription service includes:

  • Different Penpal every 3 months which will give you the opportunity of connecting with different women from around the world.  
  • Exclusive designer stationery by talented artists every month. 
  • Each packet will contain 3 to 10 items. 
  • Writing prompts and fun creative challenges centered around monthly themes. 

Penpals & Paper Bits subscription service includes:

  • Different Penpal match every 3 months which will give you the opportunity of connecting with different women from around the world.  
  • Writing prompts and fun creative challenges centered around monthly themes. 
  • 4 designer writing papers, two designer envelopes, stickers and a surprise every month.

“Our stationery items, which change every month according to different themes, can range from fancy writing papers to journals to memo pads to even treats like coffee/tea, sweets, bath products, art, jewelry and many more. We source our supplies mostly from small businesses who are fuelled on passion and driven by heart.”

“Post Candy works with creative designers who look forward to surprise us with new ideas every month.” 

The company offers free shipping worldwide for their Penpals and Paper Bits subscription.

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