Ensuring Responsible Delivery Across the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

From the manufacturer to the consumer, pharmaceuticals pass through certain points before it gets to the intended recipient. Along the way, pharmaceutical products have to be protected from barriers that could prevent or impede delivery. At the end of the supply chain is the patient whose recovery or treatment could depend on the product, so ensuring timely delivery is important. 

Industry Challenges 

The pharmaceutical industry has become more complex, as various operational components have expanded to global locations. Today, product development, manufacturing, and packaging are phased and outsourced. This means that the manufacturing process may be conducted in a country outside the U.S. before the final product distribution. 

Other countries have their own pharmaceutical safety guidelines that vary from the U.S. standards. So, these potential inconsistencies could create issues with production and delivery across borders. Some of these issues include substitution or dilution of certain pharmacological ingredients to cut production costs. Another issue deals with security challenges when product mislabeling and theft occurs as the supply chain gets compromised. When these issues happen along the supply chain, consumers eventually receive a compromised product that could possibly endanger their health. 

Security Platform

Luckily, there are companies that focus on securing various components of the supply chain. Companies such as Rfxcel offer technological solutions that have been developed specifically for the pharma industry. Some of these solutions feature a platform to keep track of the pharma regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions. 

Other features include a tracking system to monitor bulk product deliveries. This traceability system provides real-time data as the pharma product goes through the supply chain. Check out the official website to see how these functions ensure that the supply chain remains uncompromised, from product manufacturing to delivery. 

Supply Standards

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative, a nonprofit organization, promotes the establishment of responsible supply chain practices across the industry. The organization works with major players in the industry and recommends a set of principles governing several areas. Aside from ethical delivery, the principles focus on health, safety and other management and operational factors. 

Ethical delivery practices must be ensured across the pharmaceutical supply chain. To make this possible, suppliers and other industry groups must work together in following industry standards. In the end, the product consumer benefits from the improved processes and oversight within the pharmaceutical industry. 

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