Constipation Therapeutics Pipeline Growth Being Marked by Technological Advancements

“Constipation Therapeutics Pipeline Analysis”
Constipation therapeutics pipeline currently exhibits strong prospects with approximately 18 drug candidates.

The study analyzed that the constipation therapeutics pipeline comprises approximately 18 drug candidates in different stages of development. Most of the drugs in pipeline for the treatment of constipation are in late stage of development. Constipation is a common functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder that is most prevalent in the elderly and female population. According to the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging, published in 2015, the prevalence of the disease is around 20% in the world population, varying between 2% and 27% in different countries. The economic impact of chronic constipation is significant in the U.S., with around 100,000 constipation-related hospitalizations annually.

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Pharmaceutical companies are developing various drug candidates for the treatment of constipation in different stages of development including Filed, Phase III, Phase II, Phase I, and Pre-clinical. Albireo Pharma Inc. is in the process of developing a drug candidate, which is in the Filed stage of development, for treating constipation. There are small molecules as well as peptide type drug candidates in development for the treatment of constipation. A majority of the constipation therapeutics pipeline drugs are being developed as an oral dosage form.

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With advances in technology, many pharmaceutical companies are leveraging new and improved technologies for the development of drug candidates to treat constipation. These technologies are helpful in the development of drugs as either combination therapies or single-agent therapies. They also allow development of specific targeted therapies with better drug delivery. For instance, Ardelyx Inc. has developed a unique platform that enables to discover targets in the GI tract, which control health and disease processes to optimize drug candidates and to understand their mechanisms of action.

Some of the players involved in the development of drug candidates for the treatment of constipation are Nordic Life Science Pipeline Inc., Enterin Inc., and Yuhan Corporation Ltd.

Constipation pipeline analysis

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