A new star of four-wheel electromobile in CES Show – U-Bike

As the largest consumer technology industry event, as well as the largest and most influential consumer electronics show in the world, CES Show has been concerned by publics greatly since its inception. In the field of four-wheel electromobile, the U-Bike, a new product launched by Beijing LinkData Technologies Co., Ltd became one of the stars in the CES Show and the on-site events in the Show were even more unprecedented. Many visitors and media showed great interests in U-Bike. U-Bike had revolutionized people’s perception to the four-wheel electromobile with its performance, product design and practical experience.


Reporters notice that the appearance, function and application of U-Bike are different from the traditional four-wheel electromobiles, U-Bike is applying the cutting-edge and intelligent technology in industry. According to its official introduction, U-Bike is a “1 + 1” intelligent and lightweight four-wheel electromobile which design concept focuses on lightweight, safe, ease, smart and stylish features. The width of finished U-Bike with “agile and compact” and “lightweight and stylish” appearance design is only 36 inches´╝ł920mm), it equips with high performance Panasonic lithium battery, and the total weight is around 396 lbs(180 kg). The extreme agile and compact product brings extraordinary experience of delicacy and relaxation, which made it very suitable for short trip.


In terms of its function and structure, interconnection between U-Bike and smart phone can be achieved, and car-level driving assistance system is equipped to make drivers control and drive it freely. The design team also equips U-Bike with two portable batteries which can be changed any time and enjoy lifetime warranty, it really relieves people’s anxiety to the endurance mileage.


Analysts of many media believe that the launch of U-Bike will be a subversion and innovation to the traditional four-wheel electromobile. It redefines and optimizes the experience of short trip within 10-30 km. In short, U-bike is a daily commuting tool that is able to meet the needs of more convenient and environmental protected traveling. When technology development team of U-Bike was interviewed at the event, they said that LinkData Company had been paying great attention to the functional structure of the finished U-Bike and the battery energy management to maximize the value of each battery, proceed a complete lifecycle management, and provide recycling service to create reutilization value, in order to run a closed-loop industry chain successfully over the next 10 years.


Beijing LinkData Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2009,it is a high-tech enterprise which is committed to China’s new energy industry. In order toimplement the company’s vision – creating new life with new energy, the Company develops electromobile, energy storage system and battery module group operation servicein macroscopical strategy level to convert thetraditional energy consumption modeand provide professional and reliable new energy solutions for all industries. The operation team maintains close relationship with customers through its strong cohesion and marketing capability. The company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Panasonic. At present, LinkData has established extensive global business networks and strategic partner groups, and its products have been exported to 37 countries and regions.

If you are interested in LinkData’s U-Bike, please follow LinkData’sofficial website (http://en.linkdata.com.cn/). Now, reservation has already been accepted (http://www.lducar.com/), please start your own journey with U-Bike as early as possible!

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