3 Amazing News and Gifts from doTERRA to All Essential Oil Lovers

doTERRA, the premier provider of top-quality essential oils to all of Australia, welcomes the new year with new products, fantastic discounts, and generous gifts for introducing friends to the wonder that is doTERRA Essential Oils.

doTERRA is a provider of 100% natural essential oils that can be used for anything from aromatherapy to cooking. The company loves nature and its magic and shares it with the world in the form of certified pure therapeutic grade oils. However, doTERRA loves its members even more, which is proven by three great news and generous promotions on offer.

1. What’s New at https://www.beautifuloils.com.au?

First of all, doTERRA is proud to launch Tangerine Essential Oil into the local Australian market. One can learn more about its benefits and uses at the product’s page https://www.beautifuloils.com.au/doterra-tangerine-oil/.

As is the case with citrus oils, tangerine oil is rich in antioxidants. As it’s completely natural and sourced from food, it can be used in cooking as well as aromatherapy, and homemade cosmetics. The smell of tangerine is soothing and more subtle, compared to other citrus fruits essential oils. This oil has been used in Chinese Herbal Medicine to provide soothing support for respiratory issues.*

The Tangerine Essential Oil is available for AUD$29 (retail) or AUD$22 (wholesale).

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/6nF-Hlb02es

2. January Special Discount: Smart & Sassy

Smart & Sassy (https://www.beautifuloils.com.au/doterra-smart-and-sassy/) is one of doTERRA’s most prized blends. Recommended as an aide for a weight management program*, this active blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils is truly amazing. Not only does it have a divine aroma, but this dynamic combination of oils has shown to boost metabolism.*

For that reason alone, this essential oil blend can offer wonderful support for those who are pursuing a healthier weight and improved fitness by eating a clean diet and exercising regularly.

This January, Smart & Sassy comes with a 10% discount. This reduces it’s price to AUD$24.75, down from the usual member’s only price of AUD$27.45 for this popular blend.

3. 100-FOR-100 Promotion: Get up to AUD$150-Worth of doTERRA Products

100-FOR-100 is, without a doubt, one of doTERRA’s most appealing promotions to date. Full terms are explained at here, but the essence boils down to:

  1. One enrolls into doTERRA with a 100PV order in January or February 2018.
  2. Place a 100PV Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order in the second month of membership (either in February or March).
  3. Get 100PV to spend on doTERRA products (worth up to AUD$150) after 60 days of membership.

The offer is valid only for brand new Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers (https://www.beautifuloils.com.au/join-doterra/). One can use it to benefit a friend or a loved one by getting them to enroll so they can start enjoying the many benefits to their health and wellbeing that pure and natural essential oils can provide.

doTERRA is the world’s largest provider of essential oils and they are continually offering their loyal members and customers new and exciting promotions. The company remains as generous as it is trustworthy.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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